Lions draft pick update after week 1 per Tankathon

Tankathon is pretty good at all of the tiebreakers, so I thought I’d post even though we will hopefully not care about the draft as much this year…

These are the picks we own after week 1…

1OA (via LAR)
172OA (via DEN)


We need a huge sudden outbreak of something that cancels the rest of the season!


Like I’ve said before. Trade pick 44 for two fourth round picks.

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HAHAHAHAH! Not worth it, but funny as hell.
Man, I’d love to have a super-high pick from the Rams, but I dont’ see it unless Matt misses a lot of time. Something like a nagging injury early/mid season…rest him out of necessity…then he comes back too early-sort of scenario.

I just can’t root for anyone to get hurt…especailly Stafford to get hurt. I love the guy!

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We can get more than that but I agree with the unserlting theiry. Brad appears to be excellent in the mid to late rounds.

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Still in the running for first two picks in draft

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Has the meaning of being victorious changed? What I mean is: has being victorious shifted from winning games to draft picks and where those picks are? In the last 30 years it seems like the best part of the season is from draft day to the season opener. Now this is all tongue in cheek, but it just seems like there’s more disappointment during the season and more reward at the end of April. Every year there’re more eyes on the loss column than the win side. In fact, I’ll be in that mindset one more year. After the 2023 draft the win column should start getting fatter and that extra weight will make them drop in the draft order.

Very true, so why the tongue in the cheek?
Its going to start turning this year, and be totally turned around next year. Pass the pitcher.

This thread is going to take off if we lose to the Washington football team.

Zero concerns…even if we did.
That said → Lions by 10 or more.

Our schedule is way too weak for us to finish 1OA short of a Tim Boyle revival. But things will get ugly if we lose this week and Goff sucks again. Brad has left us with no alternative at QB. A truly perplexing decision on his behalf.

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Goff will improve and become more controversial.

I don’t want that.

Fall just wouldn’t be the same without the anxiety and deep existential pain that I get annually from the Lions. I mean, who would I be without that? What’s on the other side? At least my life has meaning as an authentic loser at the moment…
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Understood. We could then still hope for a 12.0 earthquake tomorrow that puts LA next to Hawaii? We could still be looza’s and the Rams are done!

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I just don’t see it turning around yet. This year will be better, but not all that competitive. Next year will be when they start taking bigger steps. By 2024 they should be competing for the division and competitive, possibly even somewhat dominating. They’re on the right road. I’ve watched this team go through reboots, refreshes, rebuilds, even what appeared to be house cleanings. This time it looks like they might actually be doing it the right way. Taking their time. Building for the long term instead of win now. The win now is often a short term deal. They’re starting with the core, the trenches. Building the lines. Then adding some skill/hands players. Next year I expect a heavy defensive draft. Maybe a quarterback, depending on what Goff does and how he does it and if he’s consistent. This good half of the season, sucks the other half isn’t going to get it. Neither is staring down the primary receiver and not going through the progressions. By 2024 they’ll be adding actual improvement players instead of just bodies to fill holes. Rebuilds take time-years-if they’re done right. Looks like they just might be doing it right this time. I remember when Sparky took over the Tigers. He said, ‘Give me 5 years and I’ll get a pennant’. He held true to his word. I can give the Lions staff the same.

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