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If we can’t get Hutchinson at 2 then we need to get Kyle Hamilton who is an Ed reed type player and then either Nakobe dean or Devin Loyd with the rams pick cus we need a middle linebacker

Hello and welcome Red-Bull. from reading…I think Thibs has become the favorite over Hutchinson at the moment there is a number of ways we can go including the way you have suggested. As fans, we just don’t know how it’s going to pan out…only what many of us ‘would’ do if we had the say and were picking . To me? There is a LOT of good talent in this draft for a team that’s STILL building-as we are. We look to improve this roster and you can do that a lot of ways/ with many prospects in this draft . We can only take what is spoon fed to us as Lion’s Fans and hope we land some really good football players.

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Please no, recent articles are now saying that Hamilton may be sliding down draft boards and i just don’t like a safety at 2OA

Edge rusher
Hutch or Thibs at 2.

Hard for me to be excited about a safety who runs in the 4.6 or 4.7 range at number two overall. I think the media hype on him has fans a little overexcited personally


I just dont see it with Hamilton. I mean… he’s a good safety prospect, but people freak out because of his size and act like he’s the best prospect to come out in years. At Safety in the NFL, his 220 lb body is a detriment! He’s slower and less agile than most prospects because he’s so big. And being big isn’t a positive trait. It is for edge players… but not for center fielders. At the NFL level, he can’t play deep. So now you are taking a box safety only at 2. In an NFL that is trending faster and faster with creating space. Even derwin James is a bit smaller and quicker… And even he needs to mostly play a hybrid role. And he was drafted in the teens. Kyle Hamilton at 2 would be a catastrophic waste of a top pick.

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