Lions @ Eagles: Lockerroom Celebration


Enlighten me on who got the game ball please.

Never mind. I looked it up. Assistant OLine coach Hank Fraley


Thx for this post!!!
But…Meh. Something I don’t like about this (not the game ball), just the demeanor. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Almost as if he’s surprised we won, and a little too happy? Same as last week. The message should have been, listen, we’re still not clicking on all cylinders, and there’s still work to be done, but good teams sometimes get the breaks – we’re evolving lets keep it up!! Not: we’ll play anyone anywhere - even in a parking lot. Yeah right.

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Disagree completely here.

Patricia is trying to teach the team that what seperates most winners and losers in the NFL is the teams that fight for a full 60 minutes. This was a huge part of the cultural clash that has gone one, and one of the reasons why as soon as things go bad we all expect the Lions to lose. Patricia is trying to instill in the guys that when bad bounces and breaks happen, keep fighting. If you keep fighting, a bad bounce will happen to the other team as well and you will be there to reap the reward.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest things Ive hated for years about the Lions, is as soon as something happens, its oh shit, here we go again. Or, after a big win, they think they’ve arrived and get pounded. How a team with a history like ours could ever feel they’ve arrived is beyond me…

Patricia has only been here a year, but he is already well aware then when things have gone wrong for the Lions, its snowballed quickly. In the Philly game, there were multiple times that things were starting to slip away, but then the team would bounce back and find a way to make a play. Sure, Philly dropped passes. They were contested passes. On Wentz’s 4th down run, Flowers grabbed just enough of him to let the team rally and stop him a yard short. How many times have we seen that run go for the two extra yards and a 1st down? The Amendola catch to save the drive, wow. Guy laid out and hurt himself to make a play. Seeing that as a coach and a player, that elevates everyone.

This team isnt winning pretty, and not everything is rosy. They asked Patricia how he felt about KC coming up and Patricia quickly said, he isnt excited. He knows its going to be a brutally hard game. I also think he knows, this team is showing the kind of fight you need to have to stay in games, and give yourself a chance. Thats plenty enough reason to be excited and let the guys know they earned a W in a very tough stadium to play, on a day not everything went right, but they found a way to win. Kinda like good teams have done to us for years


I thought this video was touching.

It’s the message he’s trying to teach them. Play tough. Play for all 60 minutes. This is the NFL, if everyone leaves everything they have out on the field, they can come up winners no matter the opponent. The “parking lot” part of that is reflective of their competitiveness. You play tough and for all 60 minutes because you want to compete, because you want to win. So, it’s not just “do it so you’ll have a chance”, it’s “do it because the competitor in you wants this”.

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They just won a football game on the road, which isn’t easy to do. The coaching staff will spend all week chitting on their mistakes. Its okay to take at least 10 minutes to enjoy a win in the NFL. You don’t have to piss in their cheerios 24/7.

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Im not saying piss in their cheerios, I’m saying he’s a little too slap happy, and he needs to set the bar a little higher. A win on the road needs to become more routine. It was a depleted team that played very sloppy. If we dominated them, yeah, I could see this reaction. We didn’t. By all means, enjoy it, but don’t act like this is the pinnacle of success.

It was a really big win. They’ve still got @DEN, @OAK and @WAS. 4-3-1 on the road gives us a real shot at the playoffs. Let them celebrate. They’re not going to suddenly rest on their laurels in week 4.

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No, you are saying you can’t take 10 minutes to enjoy a win. You want him to piss in their cheerios 24/7 without a moment to actually appreciate the hard work they just put in to win this game. The coaches are going to rip them to shreds during film study the following week, give the kids 10 frickin minutes of joy for christ sake.

OK, I guess Im in the minority here! Celebrate! Celebrate! In the grand scheme of things, writing about how we celebrate is a good thing!

Ummm, OK, you know what i said better than me. Gotcha!

One of Patricia’s “strengths” as a head coaching candidate was his ability to get excited and emotional with the players in the moment. Patriot players loved his ability to be one of the guys in the locker room. Moments like these are a small glimpse to how Patricia is when he lets his guard down. He’s genuinely excited and just lets it roll. You’ve gotta take a moment and enjoy a win and then flush it after they get on the plane to go home.

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Ye, the part about Fraley was classy and touching, good moment.

He’s not allowed to be positive. He needs to immediately jump in their chit and complain about the team.

A win on the road in the NFL is not “routine” and never will be. This is not college football, and there’s only 1 New England Patriots. But even then…the Super Bowl champs from last year only won 3 road games during the season. Its tough.

OK, if you interpreted what i said as “He’s not allowed to be positive”, sorry for misleading you, what I intended to say, perhaps not very well is the ‘degree’ of being positive. You can be positive without being giddy. It just struck me as too much for what we really accomplished. Similar to teams’ celebrations that are “just glad to be here”. Teams that temper their celebration when they achieve a partial goal, like winning the division, a playoff game, etc. are the ones that have something bigger in mind. But I hear you guys saying that we’re trying to break a defeatist mind-set, and maybe this is how we do it. And yeah, there’s plenty of time to give more critical feedback later. Don’t disagree.
To me the deeper issue is the ‘health’ of MP’s relationship with his players. Someone said he’s supposed to be a players coach, and that’s what i thought when he came in. But often he doesn’t look like it with his demeanor. Frankly, I’m still trying to figure out whether he really is or not.