Lions facing more 8 defenders in the box than any other team

Also cuz no matter what we seem to run on first down and everyone knows it. They have to start using that to an advantage

This was the case last year as well, is my guess.

It looks like Blount faced the most 8 man boxes last year

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I really believe if we keep getting the success passing we are currently enjoying they will have to drop someone into coverage… and we need to be ready to switch to a run play!

It really makes sense if you think about it. Bevell is historically a rundorst guy… they are planning four that.

I wouldve thought we would see alot more PA to the TE’s vs this many 8+ in the box

Yeah me too. I think they expected to fare better pushing the ball down the field. MJ had a good game but KG was almost non-existent.

I posted the stat the other day, they are crazy efficient passing to the TEs in 12 personnel. I think the answer might be that they expected Schwartz to blitz a lot and kept them home a lot to counter that.