Lions fan from Wisco

Hey boyz!! I’ve never tried this before but here I am. I’ve been a long time reader and love this forum….so anyhow, the word across the the lake is everybody is scared of us. We have plenty of dipsh*t Vikings fans too. Packer fans are scared. They’re all scared of us, and for good reason. We are a good team, and only getting better…cheers




Check out the membership deal when you can; worth it.

There is alot of history about the why and it’s all solid good!!


Thanks brother……Lions won a dog fight today. It wasn’t their greatest day. But they finished. Packer fans are starting to give me respect over here in Milwaukee. They agree that we are a dangerous team…


Will do

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We can keep up with anybody. The Jets are better than I thought, but if we get into the playoffs, we’re deadly. Everybody here in Wisco agrees….we’re close…

Welcome, Lurker!:rofl:
Funny thing is. For once in my life, this team doesn’t scare me more than the opposition!
Lovin it!


You know it’s not the SOL when people are talking about a win but debating style points.


Jets have had a rough schedule playing in that division…
all of their losses are to teams still in the playoff hunt.


5 of their 7 losses are by 1 score…

Good news — they should beat up on Seattle :+1:

Packer fans in Madison never give respect, been dealing with it for 15+ years. On an annoyingness scale, Vikings and Bears fans pale in comparison.

Brand. New. Lions.

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