Lions finally get it done: Dave Birkett's game-by-game picks for 2023 season

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Playoff picks

This works.

Wild-card round: Lions 31, Rams 21 — It would only be fitting for the Lions’ first playoff win in 32 years to come against their old quarterback, Matthew Stafford, and the team that traded them Goff and a stash of draft picks to jumpstart their rebuild.

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There’s no way the Rams are making it to the playoffs with that team


While I’d like to see better than a 10-7 finish, a playoff win would be acceptable.

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And then there’s that.

His KC predicition made no mention of Kelce possibly being out, so guessing it may have been done prior to the injury.

I just do not think the Lions lose to Bears or GB this season. I expect 5-1 in division.
And 6-5 min out of the division for 11-6 record at worse.
And this 10-11 win season is a grinder. If the Lions get on a heater like last season 12-14 wins is possible.
The NFC is weak. And the Lions have as good as roster as almost anyone in the NFC so I like 11+ wins as a lock assuming no major injuries.


Meinke 12-5

Raven. 11-6

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On the one hand I agree with you the NFC is weak, at least in comparison to the AFC yet I also remember last season.
Last season I had the Lions at 11 wins, I think, and largely due to their strength of schedule which then was completely wrong.

So, I agree on paper that the NFC is weak, however, that doesn’t mean NFC teams won’t present challenges to this Lion’s defense.

We simply don’t know how good Love will or won’t be and Packers defense should be strong. Will Watson and Doubs take a step forward, couple of rookie TE’s and then of course A Jones is still in GB. Does J Taylor end up in GB?

Fields is still a question mark on his passing and what changes the team made to help him improve in that area. And, he can still run.
Point being it will be a grind and while I like the Lions chances and have them winning the North it will be a battle all year.

10-7 feels accurate.

I disagree how he came to the conclusion.

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Wonder how some will feel if with out Klece and Jones KC still puts a woopin on us.

Same as prior.
KC stil has A Reid as a coach
They still have Mahomes.
This one game, is just one game.
Had it as a loss from the time it was announced.

Did you have it as a loss with out them 2 not playing. That’s 2 of there top 3 players.

And if you can’t compete with them with out them 2 your chances are not good with them.

All I heard on here is how we’re so unstoppable. But now you say you expect to loose to a crippled KC team.

I never had them not competing in this game with or without those two.
You haven’t heard that, how unstoppable we are, from me.
I predicted 10-7 for this year.
I am not looking past the Packers or Bears which I said elsewhere this am.

Do I think it will be a higher chance of winning yes, but, then, there is Andy Reid who just might be pretty good at game planning even with only two days and no Kelce(or less than 100% Kelce).


where im at

no Kelce, game is more winnable but its mahomes and Reid, they will still be a mountain of a challenge to play (i know toney is also banged up but yeah)

i think its gonna come down to which defense can outplay the other tbh, its gonna be a highscoring and likely close game


Just seems some are already making excuses before we play just in case we loose. If we really took the next step we should be able to compete with KC with out 2 of 3 of there top players. One poster said he expects to loose the first 2 if we can’t beat a crippled KC team and just ok Seattle team. Are we really that good.

Me I have no idea what we are yet I haven’t seen them play. And I know you still have to play the games.

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Absolutely 100 percent agreed there

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I just want a close game tbh

If we win we take that regardless of kelce and jones not playing

if we can hang with the best, thats a pretty huge indicator for us

this game is more important then some think and Andy is still pretty good 8-1 on opening day. Winning this game makes a statement. This has become a winnable game that we need to take advantage of. Last year we won 8 of 10 at the end and still didn’t get in because of the slow start and we were a strong team at the end. Any one win would have made a huge difference in that season. Can’t repeat that. This game won’t dictate the season but it’s a game we should win if we’re the team everyone has talked about. You won’t get a better chance to beat these guys.

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Really won’t move the needle much for me.

It’s week 1… and many of our starters haven’t played live reps in preseason. Crazy stuff happens in week 1 every year.

Also… Mahomes tilts the field. He is a first ballot hall of famer after 5 seasons. Even without Kelce… he has plenty of options and is willing to spread the ball around. Rashee Rice has looked great as a rookie… plus MVS, Toney, and Moore. If the new OTs play well… they have a top 5 OL in the NFL.

Without Jones… they do lose a lot on defense.
Even so… Spags is good at dialing up blitzes at the right time and has a knack for getting key stops when it matters.

The Chiefs are champs…. and it isn’t only because of a few stars.