Lions finally sign 7th Rd pick Jashon Cornell

Rookie contracts are slotted by the collective bargaining agreement. Cornell will have a cap hit of $631,132 this fall, according to Spotrac.

What took so long? Never seen a 7th Rd pick sign this late before SMH.

With Atkins out, better late than never.

Finally! The Lions can start planning their Super Bowl victory party now that their 7th round pick is on board.

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I think we went thru this already but why would the 4th ranked DT in the draft only go in R7?
Apparently at one time he was considered a top recruit
Sounds like he took time to mature in his approach to the game. I assume he was drafted late specifically because his early lack of dedication left him behind in some needed NFL traits?
But still — ranked as #4 DT in college??

Seems that he got more than Penisini.

Yeah, I don’t understand that either. Your money is slotted and there’s not really a whole lot of negotiations involved. Maybe it had something to do with the Covid.

Penisini got a $171,000 signing bonus.

So we drafted Cornhole and Penisini? Freudian slip by Quinn? Should his wife worry?

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Good he signed and I hope he makes the team. He’s criminally underrated imo.

Thank god! The season is saved.

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I hope that’s the case
It’d be nice to have a pleasant surprise