Lions fire Special Teams coach

2 more to go

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Someone, I think @WinnipegFan, rightfully asked whether we’d ever completed a kick off this season without a penalty. Not sure I ever saw an answer …

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Not many! For sure.

Yup I was asking that. I think this is a step at least but not enough.

I’m on record saying it would happen, just didn’t think it would be mid-season.

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So who’s the replacement, and why did I suddenly get the distinct feeling we’ll see the Bears run a kick off or punt return for a TD this weekend?

So of the 3 phases in our game, special teams is obviously the one with the issues??

I think this is just a shot across the bow to the others, however it smacks a little bit of jim schwartz who would protect ‘his boys’ and punish the ones that weren’t as good.

I mean if you want to send a message to JBC, just do it. tell him open up the playbook and quit running the same 3 formations. If stafford can’t handle it, it’ll show. (and it will)

12 penalties in 24 special team returns this season. Not sure if any team has ever had this bad of rate. If this guy can’t get his guys to stop committing penalties after 8 games then I am not sure why he should be the coach.

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One of the tenets of the Mudd/Manning offense was running multiple plays from few formations. Don’t expect that to change. It serves a purpose when everybody is playing the way they’re supposed to.

As far as Marcianno is concerned, they have the decline of last year’s ST unit and his admission during the off-season that they “sucked” at wedge blocking. Couple last year’s issues with this year’s issues and you have reason sufficient to move on.

No matter who you’re firing, you have to weigh how much the personnel plays in their failures. In the case of Special Teams, not enough to save their coordinator. In the case of the offense, there is enough breakdown in execution by enough players that HC can’t reasonably pin that on the coordinator. There are numerous position coaches beneath the OC that bear a responsibility. The players themselves bear a responsibility. As frustrated as I am and as much as I expected heads to roll yesterday, holding pat is prudent. Seeing the swings in performance as we have the last 4 weeks, it’s hard to say it’s simply a talent thing or simply a coordinator thing. It’s a player confidence thing where they are not playing instinctively yet. We know they have the ability because we’ve seen it. But the lack of consistency is what has to be worked on within each position group.

Bring back Stan Kwan.

Can the Oline coach be next?

I find it odd that every aspect of the Lions has gotten worse than it was last year.

I guess it all starts with ST.

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