Lions forced to...forfeit a practice?

probably Kelly Stafford…??


It’s a quality joke… I do think 90 percent of practices being pajama parties is a contributing factor to pathetic tackling.

The old saying practice makes perfect…well teams practice playing 2 hand touch most of the time and live bullets start flying on Sundays.

Player safety… player safety. We can’t have padded practices. Stop adding more regular season games and you can absolutely have more padded practices. But money and greed over everything else. End rant. :laughing:

Maybe Campbell offered the team a deal, one full contact practice in exchange for a day off?

Sounds like someone was a little too aggressive at practice. It’s kinda a strange rule.

If you hit your teammates a tad too hard you get a free day off of work.

I wish that worked for me…. I can think of a few team mates I’d love to hit too hard…lol


In Justin Rogers article about forfeiting Monday’s OTA, he cited the CBA verbiage including this section:

“During simulated press coverage drills, hand contact between a defensive player and a receiver is permitted provided the defensive player does not impede the receiver or alter his route and no live contact occurs.”

With all the reporting about the difficulty of receivers like Jamo escaping the press coverage of Carlton Davis (and perhaps other new CBs)–Imma gonna say the above quote is the reason.

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Sadly…hand fighting isn’t allowed.

Kobe Bryant GIF

I’ll take 1 legit practice over 4 pajama parties always…

And so would Coach Campbell before the mob comes for me. :joy:

Savvy veteran move getting all the guys off of a day of practice. Hopefully they all get to go play frisbee golf with Hutch.

Aggressive handjobs are not allowed at practice.


What about disinterested ones?

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