Lions Front office decisions and COVID

Something I was thinking about when seeing the comments from worried posters that Sheila Ford Hamp won’t make a change. I think they are extremely aware that fans and the media are fed up with the current Regime. Rod wood, sadly an investment banker who is president… puts us behind in most ways. But, this is a team that doesn’t make a lot of money. And this team doesn’t have fans in the seats because of COVID. They simply cannot AFFORD to go into the season without new intrigue and buzz. In a season in which they need to make up for lost time and money… they are not going to risk losing more season ticket holders. They are going to make a change. Now, the issue will be… will they just make enough to think that fans will still show up (Fire Patricia, but nobody else)

I don’t see either of them staying as both are responsible. There is a serious problem with basic evaluation of talent. Slow CB’s and LB’s is not where the league is going. Why he feels a defense can go without speed is ridiculous against the wide open league we have today. In 5 years Quinn has not drafted one quality LB and is not using the resources available. I would bet that Spielman would be more than happy to help evaluate LB’s, Porcher would be more than happy to evaluate pass rushers, Herman Moore would be more than happy to evaluate WR’s. Spielman would never have taken Davis as a 5 minute conversation would have exposed his total lack of knowledge reading plays. Nobody takes a 2 down LB in the 2nd round, just basic.