Lions full 2024 mock draft 3.0: End of the college regular season edition


Is that even remotely realistic?

Loving the positions they chose

First rounder as well versed in kicking ass
You know mahogany can bring the wood

Mock drafts at this place and time are about ideas and getting more familiar with players who could intrigue the Lions during the 2024 NFL draft in April in Detroit.”


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3rd round (from MIN): Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson

Looks like a gritty football player. i like.

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went to HS at River Rouge
went to college at DT U

Agree Get’r’Done … bye bye Levi… Paschal on blast


If the past couple years have given me an indication, it’s that Holmes will shore up an area in free agency that changes the need board, have a surprise or four through the first few rounds, he will ignore one position that will send fans into a tizzy, and will shore that area up after the draft. What he will not do is pass on someone he considers caviar in order to fill out a grocery list.


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