Lions get Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen in McShay's mock

I know this is a few days old but now that the playoffs aren’t a thing, I’m OK with this.

Anyone know what we’d have to finish with to secure the 10th pick?

16 teams have 7 wins or more today, 2 more have 6 and are yet to play but are projected to lose, Philly and Carolina.

So, given the ludicrosity of us winning out, we cant do worse than 16.

Lose out and that puts us below all six win teams and one of the Falcs or Bucs, as they play each other and are 5 wins now, thus guaranteeing pick 10 or better.

Right now the likely range is 6 to 14 depending on SoS and last 2 game records for others.

We could sink as low as tied for worst record with the stinkers all reeling off 2 wins and we lose out…

Would be awesome if we did!

Allen works for me, and so would the best CB we could get. Either way.

Allen or Greedy Williams for me.

I think 6-14 good bet but I bet we win one more (GB.) I’ll put us at 11 but it be nice to be top 7. There’s 5 impact players on D and I want to get DE or CB. I’d be OK with Allen or an OLB if they were special. I think Snacks improved our dline enough, maybe we can add DE in FA?

Either way we need playmaker on D because at least that unit improved. The offense gonna need a new OC and new WR at least.