Lions get worst draft grade in NFCN

We also had the second worst grade in all of the NFC with only Dallas getting a worse grade.

However I don’t see how CHI had a better draft but ok.

I can’t really argue this at this point. When you draft a TE at 8 and you’re picking at 3, hard to find any positives.


Yeah, I can see it. But this draft is still incomplete. Hockenson could turn out to be very good and so could Tavai and Harris. Heck, Amani could still make this a very good draft too. And we don’t really know how good Austin Bryant can be.


We asked a lot of our rookies this year due to injuries and other factors. Not celebrating a bad season, but a good chunk of our draft got some quality experience and made some starts at various spots. Contribution while learning. It’s at least something positive for us we can look back on knowing these players were selected to be a part of our future.

The Bears getting a better grade though? Really? I don’t even see how that makes sense. Don’t really care but I’m not sure what they are seeing there lol.

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I agree the results are incomplete overall because we don’t know how these players are going to develop. All we can go by is the year 1 results obviously other rookies were put in better situations. With that said, as a fan of this team for 42 years all we ever talk about is “ if’s and buts and potential.” None of that shit wins games or works out for the Lions.

The grade is true, last year draft was and is horrible reached for for players at the top and it showed . Hock will always be a bad pic , he was pic #8 over all and had zero impact. Even if he turns out to be a good right end he will always be overdrafted and a bad pic at #8 over all. Tavi about the same looks more like a 2 down player if that all , overdrafted by about 2 rds.

Defensive head coach has no say in getting the best defensive player ? Then who’s call is to get hockenson , Quinn or stafford .? I have no idea who is controlling this franchise , head coach need to fight than tucking with fear to please others

This pretty much sums up Quinn since he was hired. Overpay average players and draft a bunch of situational role players. Golladay is the only impact player he has brought in and he hasn’t improved any position group. The team has actually gotten worse since Mayhew’s players retired or left in FA. Mayhew who deserved to be fired brought in enough talent to be a sub .500 team and Quinn took us back to the basement.


Elgton Jenkins and Darnell Savage are studs. Gutekunst is killing it right now.

Gary was a questionable pick, but it seems like a luxury with the Smith brothers playing so well.

I get that it creates clicks for the sites doing it but grading a draft and putting merit into after a year is waste of time and pointless


That’s what fans of teams with bad drafts say. Lol. I’m kidding by the way.

In all seriousness, in some cases you’re right. With Savage and Jenkins though? All it took was one season to see they hit on both of those picks.

I wanted Jenkins last year. I wish we had taken him. They literally took him the pick after Tavai. Hopefully Tavai will be worth it.

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You and me both my friend. I have high hopes for Tavai.

Probably one of the worst drafts I can remember for us.

I can think of 5-10 drafts worse without even working at it. I think this class will prove the most of you very wrong. You should hope so too.
Hock will be kittle or more… yes that’s a HUGE comparison. But it also took kittle will over a season and a half to even look worthy then he took off.

He was also taken in the 5th round.

And I wasn’t wanting hock but didn’t freak out like most. Let’s see where this class is year 3.

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Got 100 says your wrong, Hock is nothing like kittle, Hock is slow kittle is fast. Kittle ran 4.52 and Hock 4.70. And Kittle wasn’t draft in the first at #8. Hock was so overrated, the guy has avg hands, he’s avg blocker and has avg speed. But he was taken #8 over all . And some day will be above avg. Lols


How bout a beer? Can’t afford $100 lol

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Lols if he turns out great I’ll gladly buy u a beer bro .

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