Lions getting noticed

“The Lions aren’t there yet, but they are close and getting closer. Maybe they’ll even sniff .500 for the first time this decade.”

Even with that closer, they list us as one of 3 teams moving in the right direction, one of their “Top 3 NFL Storylines”.

This falls under “improvement” I guess…


getting noticed for being bad?

They actually list us as one of 3 teams on the move in the right direction.
Great news for Lions fans is that if we can go to .500, it really is a decent improvement

Family Feud Lol GIF by Steve Harvey

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I have seen two new power rankings today one on theathletic and one on GMFB from an guy.

One had the Lions at 16 and one at 15 which seems high in my non scout opinion. would probably have them in the 18-22 range.


get me to 8 wins then I’ll say decent improvement …being how banged up we are at the moment.


I agree. At 1-2

We even it up…should be in the high teens

Get above .500 then I would put us in the 15-12 range

Agree. When healthy, the offense is pushing top 10 at times (although they struggled 4th Q against the Vikes … but that’s what happens when newb coaches try to run out the clock)

Defense seems to be lingering in the 28-30 range. Just nothing special anywhere on that D … especially coaching. So a 20ish ranking is about right. Maybe a touch higher if/when we get some difference makers playing again.

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Im just wishing for 7 wins. 7-10. We can build from there, and hope to get a DT/S/lb in round one.

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Prisco at 28
NBC 29
Boston Herald 22
NYPost 26


Schwartz took a 0-16 team to 2 Wins, then 6 Wins then 10 Wins/playoffs.

I see Campbell having a chance of going 3 wins, 7-8 wins then 10 or more wins/playoffs. (* with a extra game to get Ws) and pretty much match Schwartz.

If he doesn’t make the playoffs in year 3 he probably never will as a Lions HC


These are way more realistic, especially with injuries starting to pile up…but most here wont buy it

They didn’t really struggle, they went to Dan’s form of running out the clock. Witch didn’t include letting the clock run down. Just giving the ball back to the vikes until they won.

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Uh, that’s exactly what I said …why did you cut that part out of the quote? Strange reply to say the least.

Cool, another year leading the league in moral victories. :rofl::+1:

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Good God we need banners to hang for those :slight_smile:

I wasn’t disagreeing was adding to what you said. The whole struggle thing was self inflicted. But a really poor approach.

We’d need a bigger stadium lol

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Yeah we probably lead the league in that one.

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I think you replied to the wrong person my friend.

Yep I did that was for Tbuzz.