Lions going give Jermar some run vs. the Vikings...?

I hope Jermar gets some quality carries this weekend. Love to see what he can do. The hype is strong with Williams but I think JJ might surprise if given the opportunity.

I don’t see him on the injury report, he was active last week but not sure if he got any snaps?


At this point you know what you ahve in williams. run Jermar and Godwin the rest of the way.

I get that those guys are not as complete of backs yet (blocking, playbook knowledge, passing routes etc). Still they are young and hungry and need reps

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I was the only one mentioning JJ pre draft. He was my sleeper RB pick.

I was ecstatic when we landed him.

The Lions really need to give as much youth as possible more playing time.

Lions fans are going to live having this kid.


You called it 1st… but I was on board before the draft as well… and thought we would be lucky to get him in 5th round.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Holmes had JJ on his board in the 5th round and they were shocked he was still there in the 7th because they didn’t have any more 5th/6ths left to get him earlier


I’d like to see more of Jermar and Godwin really.


I think Jamal deserves an opportunity but Jefferson has looked solid so I hope they successfully feature them both.


No doubt Williams is going to get a lot of work, I just hope Jermar gets enough to show what he can do, because he hasn’t disappointed yet when given the chance.