Lions had league's highest QB pressure rate in 5 years

Pretty impressive statistic. Aaron Glenn had it dialed up well last night.


Rookie spotlight: Jahmyr Gibbs was a huge part of the Lions’ game plan tonight, and the first-round rookie more than stepped up to the task, accounting for 189 yards of total offense. He ran the ball 26 times for 152 yards, with 102 of those yards coming after contact. He then caught all five of his targets in the passing game for a further 37 yards. In all, Gibbs forced 10 missed tackles, seven as a runner and three as a receiver

10 forced missed tackles for Gibbs, another very impressive statistic.


Great stuff.

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I’m still concerned with the pass rush. Hutch wasn’t great and nobody has come close to repeating what Houston did last year from that other side. This is probably one of those don’t believe it games for the pass rush.


tbf i think its cause AG was dialing up blitzes alot last night in that second half, which worked out very well, rattled Jimmy G consistently in the second half

maybe we should blitz more often lol


I agree. We have a bunch of versatile guys up front but only 2 guys with elite potential and one is on IR.

Almost all of their sacks have come in 3 games. They show potential but not consistency.

Thankfully we are pretty good against the run.


This can’t be true! He’s a bust, a “gadget” back or a 3rd down back! He can’t do this! At least according to several on here.

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Hutch is my dude, but if he plays with a hand in the dirt, I don’t see him ever being a 12-15 sack guy, not even once.

The 6’6” plus frame limits his bend, and his shorter than average arms let tackles get into his pads.

I know we feel like he’s always held, but I watched closely and compared him to Crosby who we held just as much without flags.

He’s much more TJ Watt than Garrett or Bosa- evidenced by the lack interceptions.

I’d love to see him opposite a guy like Sweat though. Or Young.