Lions Have Made Improvements, But Still Have Key Deficiencies

Agree with this article.

  1. The Lions defensive line is pretty much guaranteed to be a complete and total dumpster fire. The talent is not there. This is a huge issue. I really hope they sign Griffen.

  2. Guard is a huge issue this season. People will downplay Glasgows contributions here, but the fact is that all the offensive linemen drop like flies, but Glasgow is out there week in and week out battling and playing at a high level. He was the Lions most reliable player on either side of the ball, and rookies/Dahl/Wiggins combo is not going to be a suitable replacement. Rotating Glasgow last year was a joke.

  3. The Lions secondary acquisitions and Chase Daniel signings are upgrades, but they are terrible value. Quinn completely misread the QB market.

  4. Expectations for Swift should be high, and rightfully so. Praying that Patricia and Co don’t handle him with kid gloves.

Yeah, the article is pretty spot on.
I’m really bullish on Swift, I think he and a presumably healthy Hockenson will be big time game changers for the offense.

Their biggest weakness, just as it was last year, continues to be the Front 7. I’m a big fan of the Collins signing but they needed a lot more impact up front. As long as the pass rush continues to be anemic, it’ll make a very talented secondary look worse than it should be. There’s no reason to not try to sign Griffen unless his mental issues are too much of a burden to take on.

Agree with most. I think LB’s will be better though. And with re to pressuring opposing QB’s I hope that we apply a different D philosophy if we aren’t getting pressure with the 3 man front. It’s as much philosophy as it is talent. OG’s are a dice roll but it is a position where rookies can come right in and play. I like Chase as a backup, he’s an immediate upgrade. If Hock isn’t 100% TE is still an issue, and #2 is an issue even if he is healthy. I thought we could have gotten a decent complimentary RB later in the draft but if Swift can take away the starting job he was worth the pick. I thought we had better talent last season than the season before but injuries were decimating. I think we have better talent this year than last year, thru the draft and FA. In the end the most key deficiency is likely to be our HC.