Lions have to decide on Davis' fifth-year option by May 4

For players selected outside the top 10 (Davis was the No. 21 overall pick), the fifth-year option is a one-year deal worth the average of the third through 25th highest-paid players at their position. For Davis, that’s estimated to be around $10 million, and becomes guaranteed for injury only.

Not worth $10M IMHO.

Nope. He’s cheap depth this year, assuming he gets crowded out. No way they pay him $10m IMO to stick around. Definitely a guy the Pats let walk and hope he gets a good deal elsewhere for the comp formula.

Dude might do well as a WLB in a traditional 4-3.


I think the answer is a clear no. IF Davis plays well and stays healthy in 2020 he can earn a possible new contract offer. But $10 million ain’t gonna happen for Jarrad.

I think a trade is more likely than picking up this option. If we are in fact looking to sign Marcus Golden and with the addition of Okwara and the health of Austin Bryant as well as having Reggie Ragland Jarrad would be pretty easy to trade to a team that runs a scheme more appropriate for him.

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Easy decision. No. Tavai, Ragland and probably Lee are all better ILB’s in this scheme than Davis. He can’t cover, so he doesn’t fit at WILL really, then again Jones can’t cover either, so I’m hoping that Okwara can push Collins over to WILL. In this system, our talent that we’ve brought in has surpassed Davis who had a spot when we sucked at 2 out of three starting positions. Now we just don’t, therefore, 10M to Davis would be flat stupid. Great human being, good luck in a different system where you can be a run and chase WLB in a zone scheme.

He should’ve been traded b4 the draft.

Wonder what his trade value is :thinking:

Maybe due to his age and being mid-cast in a new defensive system, a 5th Rd pick?

I don’t think they’ll pick up the option at all but I doubt they ship him out just yet. He’ll have a chance to keep his job over Reggie Ragland, but the pressure is officially on.

Anybody got a decent DT that’s buried on a depth chart we could swap him for?

Actually I don’t see why they wouldn’t pick it up. It’s only guaranteed for injury.

If he has a good year this year then they hold his rights to trade him. Or they have a bargaining chip if they want to retain him.

I see no reason not to exercise it except to send him a message.

However by exercising it they add value to him in a trade scenario. Especially if he has a great year.

My understanding is that with the new CBA, the 5th year option is fully guaranteed when exercised. Under the old CBA, it was guaranteed for injury only. I think Twentyman made a mistake.

I read "If the team picks up the option, his 5th year salary becomes guaranteed for injury and becomes fully guaranteed on the first day of the league year the following year." as if we picked up Davis’ option in January/February 2020, it would be guaranteed for injury when exercised, but fully guaranteed on the first day of league year (03/18/2020). So if we exercise the option on May 4, it would be fully guaranteed.

It appears I have misinterpreted. Thank you SirLion


What advantage would the Lions have gained by trading Jarrad before the draft? None.

Keeping him now is also a luxury we can afford too. No reason to trade him unless Jarrad can equal a solid DT or something like that.

If true I can’t see any way in which they exercise it.

I feel like he is trade bait. They signed two LBs this offseason and drafted another. They could move him over to Weak but he can’t cover.

ain’t happening…davis is a bust. Not even Patricia could resurrect him. However, It wouldn’t surprise me if Quinn picked up the option. Remember, he does the opposite of what is expected

I don’t consider Patricia to be competent as the yard stick to measure whether he can be resurrected. I do think he has to really improve just to get PT this season with the acquisitions.

He struggles in this defense, you said it yourself.

They signed 3. Collins, Ragland and Lee who btw was a stud at Kansas State. Then drafted Okwara to add to Bryant at JACK/LDE. I mean he’s probably better than Cabinda so if you are only going to get Van Noy like peanuts, then maybe just keep him this season and let him walk. No way to picking up his option, just does not make any sense at all.


I read that last part as becoming fully guaranteed the first day of the league year in 2021, not 2020.

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Boy that makes a lot more sense than the way I read it. :laughing: