Lions have zero players make the PFWA all rookie team

Not that it’s a shocker but I think it says something for BQ and his drafting.

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Depends on the lens we look thru brother… TJ injured. Others were used sparingly for reason we can only guess: are they being patient with their growth? Or were they slow in their growth? We’re they injured but not placed on IR?

Imho, rookies, regardless of draft position, should be expected to impact the team overall … they need time to transition properly … but that’s me! :upside_down_face:

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I agree with Abject, our rookies even given a little time to develop , should be able to be to help this team in some way by becoming better-than very average. if they cannot do anything wth are they doing here !?

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I don’t really think if you don’t have a guy on the list, it’s indicative of a bum GM. It’s not like we were dumb not to draft Josh Jacobs, instead of waiting to take a rotational player in Ty Johnson. We’d have had to user our 1st rounder to get on this list at RB. We’d have had to trade up for Bosa and not have a draft this year. Oliver is debatable, probably should have gone that route or Devin Bush, but he wasn’t the ideal fit at LB for this scheme except maybe at JACK. I would have loved to trade to get the falling Allen, but not to be. We went TE in the first and I believe IF he plays all 16 games, he’s on this list ahead of Fant. But no way to know if Fant doesn’t stub his toe on the stairs in Allen Park and breaks his leg walking into the first practice if we took him over TJ…

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I agree with that statement but this is a common theme for BQ’s drafts. The fact that this is a common theme is concerning.

My biggest issues are the team lacks difference makers and we were drafting in the top 10. A top 10 talent should be an immediate difference maker. So far BQ has yet to find a single difference maker.

I’m not trying to knock TJ here but this is one of the many reasons you do not take a TE in the top 10.

I’m going to disagree because the stats say otherwise. TJ like Fant took most of his snaps from the slot. Both players suffered through rookie growing pains but Fant as a rookie was the better player. Barring injury I think both can and will be good NFL TE’s but so far Fant has been the better TE.

TJ only caught 54% of the targets thrown his way. Which ranked him low on the list of rookie TE’s. While Fant Caught 67% and was at the top of the list in both receptions and targets. Fant also was 2nd out of ALL (Including vets) TE’s with a 14.1 yrds per catch.

I’m not shocked by any of this to be honest. I argued pre draft that Fant was more NFL ready and would likely have the better rookie season.

But we’re getting off topic and I hate to go down the TJ rabbit hole here but the TJ pick is just another example of BQ not getting the biggest difference maker he could. It’s a common theme of his and while we head into another draft I wonder who BQ could draft to F it up this time?