Lions hosted Manti Te'o

Benched in 2018.
I’d like this if he came cheap and was used for depth.
Who knows, maybe Patricia can get the best of him.

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…or they just needed a good laugh

A visit is not the same as a signing. The Lions could still sign someone else, like Jamie Collins or Zach Brown. And they could also draft an LB early, maybe Devin White in the 1st. Is Te’o an upgrade over Christian Jones? I dunno.

Doubt it, maybe in coverage? Meh.

Still waiting to see if they can work out a cheap deal w Ziggy. If that happens or they sign another DL, I think White becomes the prime target for 8OA.

I’d be quite surprised if they re-signed Ziggy. Since he has not been signed yet, I assume he’s asking for more money that anyone is willing to give him, including us. As time goes on, maybe he lowers his demands, but by then teams may have found other options and signed someone else. The Lions in particular may eventually spend money on a CB or LB or RG or who knows who and won’t be able to pay him that much. I do hope they don’t go overboard too much by creating too little cap space down the road. Looks like they won’t have much wiggle room for a few years after this year. Will they be able to keep Golladay when his rookie contract is up?

Been a few years since he came out of college so I could be wrong but wasn’t the knock on him coming out that he was good against the run and terrible in coverage? Seem to remember him blowing a big play in the spotlight

A visit does mean they’re inquiring though, so they’re at least interested, and at the very least done their homework before setting up any sort of meeting.
I do agree there are better options out there, but to be honest, I feel like Bob Quinn will be…well… Bob Quinn and look for valuable depth.
So I guess the question is exactly like you asked. Is he better than the depth already on the roster?
Maybe not, but at least we know they’re looking to bolster the unit rather than neglect it.

Personally, when it comes to value, I liked Eli Harold a lot, and feel like he has a lot more to offer than Te’o. I’m still hoping they bring him back for at least one more season.