Lions interested in John Dorsey “EARLY”

This would be a horrible scenario…especially if the rumor that he and Eric B are packaging themselves together. Albright is reporting this and he is pretty reliable and has already said Saleh is also on their radar AND that Eric B is a horrific candidate who will flame out. I would want no part of a John Dorsey Eric B regime.

I wouldn’t hate John Dorsey. He’s a two step approach in that it probably won’t work for him bc he’s apparently quite the asshole, but it will work for the next guy that he’ll stock the cupboard for. If you can get the Browns on the precipice you can get the Lions on it.

I’m open to GMs but I want a GM that is hunting for stars. BQ played it way too safe most of his tenure.


I think Dorsey would be an ok hire. I like that he has experience as a GM… I’m not big on Bienemy tho and would prefer Saleh


Dorsey has experience and has helped to turn Cleveland and KC around. So I’m not opposed to him.

Both Holmgren and Reid had worked with him in the past and chose tow work with him again.

Bienemy and him working together makes sense with the Reid ties both men have.

I’m not completely sold on Bienemey either but the two working together might be a good partnership.

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I’m completely fine with Dorsey. I am not completely fine with Bieniemy. I don’t know how they don’t just see another Patricia with better people skills, especially with how Nagy’s done in the same division.

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I think we eliminate one of Dorsey’s major problems if we bring in Saleh first, which is what I think will happen because of a few reasons. I also think Sheila won’t let him take his character problem guys, which is good.

I’d love to hear the reasons we’d wait to hire a GM that’s available now for a coach that’s unavailable for another 5 weeks who we have no idea is, A. Interested in coaching the Lions and, B. Who ownership wants to hire bc they can’t interview him yet.

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If you’re asking me to defend it, I can’t. I’m just going off what seemingly everyone is saying about us wanting to hire a HC first and then a GM that’ll work with him. I have no real idea who that HC will be, we’ve just been linked with Saleh in the rumor mill.

Because you have to meet the condition of the Rooney rule and before you just hire a GM you should go through an interview process and look at multiple available candidates

I think the Lions made a mistake when they interviewed BQ and then canceled all their other planned interviews and just hired BQ.

Also two of the league’s better GMs, Ballard in Indy and Veach in KC, were his proteges.

Right, but you can hire someone before the end of the season is my point… Unless you get a guy like Kyle Shanahan (which Saleh is not), you shouldn’t be waiting to find a GM.