Lions interested in Peppers?

I wouldn’t hate it necessarily. I think there still might be a good player in there for the staff that figures out how to use him correctly.

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Based on the thread title, I thought for sure this was going to be about Julius joining the coaching staff.

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Oh look, he’s doing the first part of “The Tulloch”.

Second part is writhe in pain. 3rd part is retire.




Just read an article on him
Apparently his game has improved
He’s supposed to be great in run support
May be a decent pickup

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At this point I’m good with whoever Glenn and Pleasant sign off on bringing in.


Unmet expectations can mean so much here.

He’d be an upgrade at safety over Will Harris. Almost anybody would.


I’d actually prefer Peppers as a Cato June style LBer


I haven’t really watched him in the pros but in college he was excellent in run support. Used his speed to get sideline to sideline and sniff out any screen passes on a regular basis.

Nothing special against the pass though. Not a ball hawk and didn’t have the hips to cover 1 on 1.

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Totally agree. It we do sign him I think it’s also worth using him a few plays on offense (jet sweeps for instance) in addition to returning punts. But in coverage he does leave a lot to be desired.

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My first thought as well.

This feels agent driven to me. But, damn, we are in a hard place on defense. We need a strong safety in a bad way and we may be forced to gamble, esp. if the idea is to find a safety in the draft. If we cannot draft a strong safety we love, and we have no viable veteran options…it is Will Harris time again. Yuck.

Peppers has one health issue after another. ACL injury week 7 this season.

If we did a one year prove it deal I could live with that. Might be smart?

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It will be interesting…….John Dorsey did trade him away……wonder what the true gauge is.

Word was that he was sort of a late bloomer, but has been steadily coming around, is still young, so may be a guy you are catching on the upswing and handing him to Pleasant and Glenn. (…and Campbell / Johnson??)


It’s my understanding that they’re interested in Salt AND Pepa…

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He would be an interesting signing. He has great athletic traits and a strong work ethic. He also hasn’t exactly had great coaches so far in his career. I’d love to sign him fairly cheap and see what pleasant can do with him.