Lions likely to travel to Denver for 17th game

Last time I was there I saw Joey start.

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Odd number of games means half the league each year gets a built-in advantage of an extra home game while the other half gets more road games.

If they bring back England or Mexico City games, the team that gives up their home game should automatically get the extra home game.


Yup, they are switching the home team each year across the league, meaning all the AFC teams host in 2021 and all NFC host game 17 in 2022.

Or they have 16 games at neutral locations like London, Mexico, and Japan… lol

On a serious note. The teams forced to play out of country shouldn’t lose a home game.

Could you imagine being a home game short and having to donate a home game to London putting you two games short.

When international games come back, they can just have the conference with the 9th home game in a year have to be the home teams. So basically those teams will still get 8 home games a year.

And I assume that the teams that host the international games still get ticket sales revenue.

I think the way the article spells it out is the perfect compromise. The entire conference either has an extra home game or an extra road game. That way the teams in your division are on equal footing, and the teams in your conference that you are competing for playoff spots are on equal footing.

If you were going to be down a home game to an international game, you are still only down 1 home game vs the other teams in your division and conference.

12, 14 or 16 playoff teams?

What’s funny is it could have been 24 playoff teams in 2020 and we still wouldn’t have made the cut. :joy:

My god did Fatty Matty suck balls.