Lions Linked to Bengals' Tee Higgins in Blockbuster Trade Proposal

My bad now I see 1994 also.

Don’t see a need for another WR. I think between Jamo(huge leap year IMO), Raymond, DPJ, Ra, LaPorta, our OL/RBs our offensive will be elite.


Oh yes he will likely 3 years

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NFL franchises deal out millions of dollars like playing cards, general/ordinary fans are lucky if they see 1 million in their lifetime-and ‘act’ as though those millions are theirs to say how it is spent. all we get to do is watch and see what unfolds and debate those outcomes. I to believe that Decker will see a small bump up in pay- but not anything Earth -shattering. And I don’t think we need to jump at all these WR’s floating along, I think we need the exact right one-and when our front office see’s -that—they will try to nab him fast. … notice how Brad and Dan haven’t lifted a finger towards another WR ~YET~? , there is a reason for that…and IF they wanted Tee Higgins, I suspect he would already be a Lion by now.

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People who make up trades like this need to stop playing video games…We should trade a second an a fourth for a second rd drafted player an then pay him 22 million for just one year an he can then go to highest bidder at end of this season. What this type of trade idea shows is people who write this have not been paying attention to how Lions work now .

They don’t know Lions or how Holmes works. He wouldn’t do it for just the fourth rd. Maybe he would as a fourth rd pick for a year as rental an that’s just a maybe. $21,816,000 is a lot of cap money for a rental when one is not needed .

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I think he will as well, 2 or 3 year deal.

The problem is only 1 football. St. Brown and LaPorta both getting 6 to 8 targets per game. We all want Jamo to be featured more. Gibbs caught 50 passes last year and should have been about 10 more but he kept dropping them. That’s already 4 hungry mouths to feed.

Plus we are gonna run the ball a ton.

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Well, it’s not the Lions site proposing this. They’re simply reporting what someone else has suggested:

[Bleacher Report](5 Trade Packages Bengals Would Have to Consider for Tee Higgins amid NFL OTAs | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report)'s Maurice Morton. In the hypothetical trade, the Lions would acquire Higgins in exchange for 2025 second-and-fourth-round picks.

“The Detroit Lions shouldn’t take their foot off the gas after an appearance in the NFC Championship Game, not with $31 million in cap space,” Morton wrote. “They have just opened their Super Bowl window with a top-five scoring offense. Perhaps they can advance a little further in the playoffs with, arguably, the NFL’s best passing offense. Detroit’s opponents would have a difficult task in countering the No. 2 aerial attack from the previous year plus Higgins, who would also bolster a shallow receiver group.”

I could see a one year deal or two if he wants to stick around but your probably right.

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Manu is the future at LT

I hope…like Jordan Mailata

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Oh that would be unreal if Manu were to become a stud. Gonna take a lot of reps and technique work.

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not your bad….

I see both 1993 and 1994 on different sites.


Either way…. he hasn’t had major injuries….
and certainly could play another 5 years if he chooses to do so….

so hopefully we stay at the top of the standings and he wants to keep playing!!! :wink:

Your both wrong unless its Decker’s choice to retire. If he plays it will be with Lions . I posted before an repeat now he an Rags may retire same time an that’s in couple more years. Rags contract runs out in 2026 his last year. He will just be 30 but I can see him retiring. \decker with 2 year extension would leave also 2026 at age 34. Should they up to them but many here will regret when they do . Some here think 30 is old for OL it is not they are in prime. Every position has a hit the wall age an not every one falls into the wall age but many. CB seem to hit wall at 30 would I sign one yes one year at a time based on play. RB it seems now it 28 years again some go longer but many are done. WR seem to hit wall around 31 OL they last longer as do QBs an DL also.
Stop looking at cost i would rather pay a old OL man who does better than average job or some OLman at 28 that can’t even keep a starting job. Holmes has kept Cap under control an I expect him to continue , He will sign Decker in a heart beat if its what Decker wants .

He is playing a very least top 10 LOT in league thats worth 2 or 3 more years.

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Why do you act as if you are the only one who has the right answer(s) when it comes to the Lions??

Who are you to say I am wrong? Why don’t you express your opinion rather than start argument with me?

Didn’t say you were wrong….just asked why do you feel as if you are the only fan who has the right answers?? You tell Air and the other gentleman “You guys are wrong” then you turn around and ask me “who are you to say I’m wrong??” :thinking:

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Well put sir…