Lions Looking at WR’s hard - Maybe a trade?

The Lions have been bringing in WR’s almost every week. This week they brought in 3 more. Some are veterans and others are rookie PS type players. I believe the Lions are looking for a deep threat who can stretch the field. This got me thinking that maybe WR could be a trade possibility.

Who’s out there that the Lions could trade for and what do you think it would cost us?

AJ Green is rumored to be a trade possibility. He’s 31 and has one year left one his contract. He’s also coming of injury.

Personally I think the Lions would look for a cheaper option. Someone who would cost no more than a 5th round pick.

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Miami’s Albert Wilson had several big plays for the Dolphins in 2018, but hasn’t done much this season due to a hamstring injury. He’s a short term, but expensive solution and only under contract through 2020 (which Quinn seems to like).

Who would you sit if you trade for AJ? It would probably take a second to get him. At a 3rd I might be interested and then you can figure out how to reshuffle the room. It is nice that Staff and AJ played together at Georgia for a year.

As Iggy has brought up a few times, Emmanuel Sanders is probably the ideal guy. In addition to his talent and versatility (provides insurance for both DA and Jones if he doesn’t outright replace one,) there is also this tidbit that might cap what the Broncos would want in return.

“If/when Sanders leaves in free agency, because he already has 10 years of NFL service, the max level of compensatory pick the Broncos could receive for losing him is a 5.”


wouldn’t trade more than a 5th for AJ Green… Heck make it a 6th

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How about offering Philly a fifth for Tate.

Wait, what???


You mean the Giants??

Yeah, sorry, doing two things at once. You’re right.

The guys I like for the Lions would be Green, Sanders, Fitzgerald. All three bring different things, but their addition would help immensely.

What about Parker? Should be a 4th or 5th

My problem with AJ is he always seems dinged up. If I’m going to give up a 2nd rounder for a 31 year old I want to know that he is going to be on the field. So that is my hesitation.

The upside is on AJ Green that is easily forgotten is he was Stafford’s go-to guy at UGA.

I’m guessing here… but they want smart guys with work ethics… I feel and could be wrong that this is more about if we need one… or finding that guy that fits your profile that your looking for.

We have Jones, Gall and Danny and then TJ…

I see a possibility if DA doesn’t stay but no one else we drop…

I love how our activity is jumping with the PS movement s and looking a lot more at other players… my only worry is being busy to just be busy without true purpose but that doesn’t seem to fit BQ/MP mold imho

I would call Atlanta and ask about Julio Jones. The Falcons are grounded this year and Julio is now 30, perhaps they would listen to an offer. I have no idea what his contract looks like

On the flipside of that, AJ and Calvin Johnson are friends and were workout buddies.

They literally just handed him a 3 year $66M extension a few days before the start of the season. According to overthecap, they’d take a $58M cap hit to trade him and $38M next year. He’s not going anywhere.

Ah was not aware - thanks

I could be wrong but I thought AJ Green was a FA after this season and it would only be a 8 game rental because he is going to want to get PAID as much as he can next year.

I’m pretty sure Antonio Brown is still available and we wouldn’t have to give up anything for him, except our dignity.


Diggs desperately wants out of Minnesota…

Cost would probably be too high tho.

I’m in the Emmanuel Sanders camp. I’ve enjoyed watching him here out in Denver. He has great hands and makes plays when it counts.