Lions Looking at WR’s hard - Maybe a trade?

Again, I feel like Quin was sleeping at the wheel this off-season to bring-in depth at QB, RB, and WR and we’re seeing it with this constant churning of players, like amounts of players at these positions like we’ve never seen before…kind of like a squirrel hurrying to find nuts to put away for the winter.

Quin has done a lot of good for this organization but I’m really scratching my head on what his plan was this off-season.

I’m all for signing Green! With him and MJones, we can restore the roar of those dynamic Bengal teams of yore.

Seriously…ah, no.

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I wouldn’t mind trading for a good #2 RB. And a backup QB vet. If were going to make a go at it. Then maybe get a pass rusher.

Its those kinds of things you’ll need for a playoff run.

If we go WR I think we need a speedster or a guy who can get in and out of breaks and separate.

Sanders is in the last year of his contract. He makes a lot of sense. BUT he makes a lot of sense for 15 teams

I don’t want the headache but apparently OBJ might be available

apparently OBJ might be available Interesting…Link or source?

Our what?