Lions meet with CB Dantzler and OG Onwenu

In addition to meeting with the Lions at the NFL Combine, Cameron Dantzler (CB, Mississippi State) has also reportedly met with the Lions virtually. At 6-2, 188 pounds and comfortable in press coverage Dantzler could be an option for the Lions on Day 2 if they don’t end up selecting Jeff Okudah in the first round. The biggest obstacle to a Lions-Dantzler marriage is questions surrounding his long speed, as he ran a 4.64 40-yard-dash at the Combine, but recent reports have him running much faster at a modified Pro Day.

Additionally, the Lions have also reportedly met with Michigan offensive lineman Michael Onwenu. Onwenu (6-3, 344 pounds) is a mauling right guard whose game is drenched in power and would be a natural fit for what the Lions are currently looking for in a run blocker. Currently, he is projected as a draft and develop prospect that could be available in the middle rounds of Day 3.

“I’ll be your private Dantzler”


Well don’t know much about Dantzler, but if BQ interviewed him, he is in the radar. So I better try and learn something about him lol.

Ran a 4.38 40 at his pro day:

Still reading, but 1 article is saying…

“ Dantzler shut down guys like Henry Ruggs, Ja’Marr Chase, and Bryan Edwards over his tenure at Mississippi State. ”

Now he didn’t just say that did he? Henry Ruggs? That won’t go over well with some.

Still reading.

How does a guy go from 4.64 to 4.38 in the space of a few weeks? There is no mention of injury.

I’m gonna go ahead and assume the number is somewhere in the middle of the two. Very strange and kind of a red flag in any event.

Was is just a bad start? That could account for a real crappy time. And those coaches in the video of his pro day, I mean, hard to give them full credibility (they are known to cook the times a little bit at pro days) but on the other hand their reputations would be finished at the NFL level if they were doing more than just shaving off a few hundredths of a second.

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That film I was talking about? Yeah, it was incredible. Dantzler not only did well against the top receivers in the SEC. He straight up locked them down.

When he was targeted, Dantzler only surrendered an 8.5 passer rating, and that was fifth-best in the entire nation. He had weekly assignments against future first-round picks and shut them down. There was a reason everyone was so shocked when he tested poorly. Dantzler was sticky in man coverage and never got burnt. It was sometimes incredible to watch what he could do. He was never the most fluid guy and had some hitches in his lateral hip transitions, but his ability to be physical and just ragdoll guys to the catch point was phenomenal.

Wonder if the Lions are looking at Okudah alternatives?


I think the 350lbs Michael O would be a quality addition. Needs development but wow. I think that on the DL side, Benito Jones is a similar quality late round pick.

I think the difference is machine timed vs hand timed…trust the machine Quinn, learn from the Teez Tabor pick

I’ve never seen a 3/10th disparity. Just a huge outlier. I agree BTW, if he’s in Teez territory, no way Quinn takes him after that debacle. So, they must believe it was something else?

He looked really good in those games. String bean but is not afraid to get physical. Some people are just wirery.

That 4.38 number has come under heavy scrutiny. Everyone timing it themselves is coming up with something in the mid-4.5s… early 4.5s at best.

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Yeah, based on his tape alone I thought he had a chance to sneak into the first round. I knew he wasn’t a burner, but I didn’t see anything that slow coming either. It’s disappointing cause Teez had some good college tape too but we know he couldn’t overcome his speed limitations. I worry about the same thing with Dantzler.

But man, his game against future top 5 pick Ja’Mar Chase was a thing of beauty.

“Hold me closer Tiny Dantzler”
“Count the headlights on the highway”