Lions meet with edge Bradley Anae

I agree Uche would be our Jack. Your logic is sound, no disagreement there.

Just one of the things I hate about this scheme, take the less talented player because he can be less talented at 2 positions. Less talented than a true DE or a true Jack.

Yeah I hear you. Take solace that it’s either going to work and we just needed those type of guys to do well collectively, or it isn’t, and we’ll have a new direction to look forward to. I think we’ll have a better roster for a new staff than in many other changeovers.

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Well when you put it that way, lol

Hope it works of course. Hate the though of rebuilding yet again.

I’m still committed to abandoning ship if Patricia fails. I really don’t want to have the conversations about the next this and the next that.

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I for one think it’s a bad sign for him that we met with him after having coached him in the senior bowl. There would be no reason for the lines to meet with him again unless they had some questions about him. Questions or doubts about a player rarely disappear come decision time. If he slips into the mid or later rounds he may be under consideration but don’t expect him early on.

Or maybe they’re trying to pump him for information about which teams were showing the most interest.

Or maybe they are pumping him for info on opponents he faced or some of his teammates?

Could we be looking at OT’s?

I find it interesting we’ve met with him an Zack Moss and Anae twice each.

Maybe our real target is DT Leki Fotu, or CB’s Julian Blackmon and Jaylon Johnson?

I’m thinking we’re after one of their teammates.

Sneaky way to find out about Jaylon Johnson…jmo!