Lions minicamp observations Day 1: Offense shows life, defense sticky in


The more I hear about Jamo struggling to build chemistry with Goff, the more I say ‘Go Get Hopkins’!

I like the explanation given for the mid connects between Goff and Jamo

Time will tell


Looks like CJGJ let the rookie TE get the best of him on that TD in the back of the endzone.

My observation → Marvin Jones looks and sounds like an incredibly confident, well-spoken 16 year old.


Stop. I can’t handle this type of laughter when I’m enjoying the last beer of the evening. Shame on you. Punishment. Time out. Corner. All that stuff.

Cut him asap, :wink:


Bro → it isn’t his fault the coach has lost the locker room

You guys are in midseason form, already.


We are in offseason form brother, mid regular season we’d be cutting everyone mid week. Especially Goff, dude is barely better than Joey Harrington. :smile:

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Looks lime bye-bye to Stenberg. Not even listed as a guard and only a third string center.

Really looking forward to seeing our new chirpy defensive backfield. My how things change in one year.

Goff & Jamo will get it figured out. Just in time for Jamo’s six week “vacation”.

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On Emmanuel Moseley

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From Quinn’s last draft. The current regime has no skin in the game when it comes to draft picks by the former front office. I’d say he’s gone.

Really thought him and Cephus were great draft picks. I’ll stick to just watching the games now…:disappointed:

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Wait, u think Goff is better than Joey blue skies?? Everyone has an opinion, I guess. :man_shrugging:t3:

The way Harrington was wired, if you met him, somehow knowing nothing about him as a total stranger, you …first inclination would be → this cat is a male cheerleader. it’s what he’s wired like, for real. Most definitely not a leader on a battlefield.

Yea but you watch some of his college tape and Harrington was pretty awesome. That bowl game against Michigan (I believe) he was crazy good. Such a huge jump to the NFL though plus he walked into a shit show of an organization.

Had to look it up. Was against Texas not Michigan.

Yup - in the pros talent isn’t enough. All of those guys bench press a Volkswagen and run a 4.4…it’s what’s between the ears that counts most…

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Yea I seen that too. Just thought maybe CJ was out of position because he was covering another, and that was him in pursuit.

Gus Sands to Roy Hobbs: “Talent isn’t enough kid.”

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