Lions move up to draft Murray?

I’m semi kidding.

OK, mostly.

Bevell helped usher Wilson to the Super Bowl. Maybe Lions see same potential in Murray, and use Stafford to move up.

It’ll all never happen, but hey, it’s January.

Hell, maybe they don’t even need to move up.

Wonder if their thinking changes if he’s sitting there.

Also, what the hell am I talking about?

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Watch the personal insults, or I’ll have to ban you.


Wow, that insult was EXTRA personal. LOL


Us making personal attacks on you is one thing, but if you’re going to go around doing it to yourself I find that highly emotionally, mentally, and socially unacceptable. I’m not sure how to handle this situation, I need my box of participation ribbons and my safe place. Is there an HR or counselor someone could talk to???


He is like Vince Young’s Mini-Me.

Snacks would eat him. Literally.

A Snacks snack?

Git in mah bellah!

No one wants that.


You can talk to me.:smile:

This topic made my brain hurt, and my bowels clench.

Wouldn’t talking to you be sort of like a drug addict asking the drug dealer how to quit? Or an alcoholic trying to stop drinking but remaining a lions fan?


These are the hallmarks of opioid addiction…Winni, Im worried that your Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid is spiked.

Maybe The Den member welcome kit should come with a barf bag, Narcan and a lot of whiskey…

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Pffft, who needs opioids. Legal weeeeeeed #420BlazeIt #Canadope #Marijuanada

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Weed? I don’t need weed…

I need Funyons!


I never said anything about helping you.

Already got weed, huh?

It’s been legal in Oregon for a long while. There is nothing exciting about it any more. I prefer beer.

Actually we can’t get Funyons up here. Whenever a friend goes down to the States they know to bring me back a few bags. I love those salty Devils.


What’s funny is nearby grocery chains have started carrying All-Dressed Ruffles – I was so excited when I got to finally try them!

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Oh yeah those are great. Getting ketchup chips yet?

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Whooooaaa…slowwwww down. Tim Hortons EVERYWHERE, poutine at hipster bars and All Dressed chips is quite enough in 5 years , thank you.

Get a little more pushy and we may have to build a wall…


Those I haven’t seen. I’ve been on a peperoncini chip kick lately but those All Dressed definitely have my attention.