Lions moving down to No. 5 overall?

Writer for the Miami Herald:

Armando [email protected]

One final thing on the Dolphins-Detroit trade situation. I’ve been told tonight by person familiar with what Lions are thinking that they are making plans for having the No. 5 overall selection tomorrow night — Miami’s first scheduled pick of the draft tomorrow.


**Of course, if you’re Quinn the only caveat is that this must be contingent upon Chase Young going #2. If he falls to #3, then the trade is off.


There was a brief comment on that the Jags were in talks with the Giants to move to the 4spot. If this is true it makes even more sense that the Dolphins move to the 3 spot and hopefully gives Detroit a little more leverage in getting picks from Miami.

I wonder if the Phins or Chargers have a veteran piece that could be part of a trade. I haven’t done any roster research, but this just popped into my mind.

I’m all about adding draft picks in a trade down, but at some point, relying on 8 rookies to win NOW is probably wishful thinking. Adding a veteran in the trenches could help immediately and keep you from having to draft one.

Chris [email protected]

Sounds to me like the Lions and Dolphins agreed on a price to swap the 3rd and 5th picks. Credit @ArmandoSalguero pointing out the Lions are acting like they’re picking 5th. I’ve now also heard that internally word is getting around the Dolphins that they’re not picking 5th.


Yeaaaah!!! My celebration will be a bit contingent on what we get in return, but this is outstanding news this morning. Really, really hoping the Lions can find a way to move #3 for a reasonable price and get more picks.


This rumor also states that he is hearing that compensation for the trade may be quite low.

And I am preparing to be pretty disappointed if it wasn’t for at least #39. (if in fact this turns out to be true)

Is this Kouffman guy reliable? Never heard of him before.
I’d beware of fake insiders today before getting excited or upset about rumors.

I 100% am not expecting #18 or 26 but if we’re don’t get that early 2nd and BQ made this deal this far ahead of the draft, he needs to go BEFORE the 2nd round gets here. That is unacceptable

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Agreed, if it’s not at least for 39 it’s another example of Bobby getting hosed in a trade. He just never seems to get great trade value.

Let’s take a look.

  • #3 overall = 2,200 points
  • #5 overall = 1,700 points

The Dolphins have:

  • #39 overall (510 points)
  • #56 overall (340 points)
  • #70 overall (240 points)

For the Lions to get fair value they should ask for #5 and #39 (2,210 points).

Having said that, if the rumors are that the return is on the low end of the scale, it might be for #56 overall.

Why I hate it if they don’t get at least #39 overall - You’ve got to at least get fair value for the pick, even if it’s all gravy. Not getting at least fair value would be really weak on Quinn’s behalf.

Why I like it if they just get #39 overall - The Lions would likely be landing the same player they would have taken at #3 overall, so if you can do that + get anything else, that’s gravy.

Having said all of this, I’d still rather see the Lions take Tua at #3 or even trade up for Young.


Chris Kouffman


Some thoughts before I try and go to sleep (again). IF Miami trades up from 5 to 3 and takes Tua, the price on the trade will tell the story. I won’t even tell you the terms I heard because they’re insanely cheap and I’m skeptical. But if they’re right, it would tell the story.

39 by itself would be the best.

56 & 70 would be ok even if they gave back 109.


From an hour ago, same guy from OP. Lions also talking with NY Giants



So it’s definitely looking like a battle for an OT and not a QB. Let’s take a look at that scenario as well.

  • #3 overall = 2,200 pts
  • #4 overall = 1,800 pts

The Giants have:

  • #36 overall = 540 points
  • #99 overall = 104 points

So, for the Lions to swing this draft with the Giants they’d likely be taking #36 overall and then giving them on of our late picks in return. Perhaps our 4th which is worth 76 points.

I like the Lions options with the Dolphins more, obviously, but a good deal could still be worked out with the Giants that lands the Lions an extra 2nd for essentially nothing.

There has got to be a scenario where SOME team is willing to cough up picks to move up to 3. Right?

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I’m digging in with my prediction… The deal worked out is with the Chargers for #6.

Don’t get me wrong I’d okay with the 39th and I know any compensation
is good considering it’s just sugar on top, because we’re still pretty
much gonna get a player we had in mind anyway… BUT
I would want 3 picks… 5, 56 and 70 that would be 2280 which is
just 80 points of an expense to maneuver, that’s equivalent
to a 3rd round pick payment to move up. So that would give us
2 second’s 3 third’s and 2 fifth’s eleven overall and that gives a guy
that struggles to hit the ball more swings in a very talented draft.

If Okudah is the guy and we can get him at 5 with a cheaper contract in good. Just make sure we get a decent return.

Still think this is all smoke though

Maybe the Giants are trying to drive up the price for Miami to make their own trade down more valuable.

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