Lions need to claim…

Dicker who is potentially going to be subjected to waivers when Hopkins comes back. More than proven himself during his rookie campaign and could be our long term answer.

Too close to other players names on our team, would create a lot of confusion and probably lose us a game when Decker is trying to kick a game-winning FG.
Would definitely sell a lot of jerseys though.

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Definitely would like to get him. Dicker the Kicker? Amazing.


Quite the name for a kicker…haha

Michael Badgley has been outstanding though so far. He’s 18 of 18 on field goals and extra points since joining the Lions. He also was 4 for 4 for the bears early in the season. He hasn’t missed a kick this year, knock on wood, or knock on Dicker!!!

The Dicker and Anzalone jokes would right themselves though…haha


Yeah he has been solid. Been cut a handful of times in his career but no denying what he’s done so far in a Detroit uniform. Pretty sure he has a big leg as well.


He’s on LAC’s practice squad. He can be signed by any team. Not subject to waivers.


Too big of a risk that Dicker will retire suddenly ala Penisini.


The ladies hate that! Ask your doctor about Rectix!

I wouldn’t want to dicker with you


It seems to be pretty good.

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Letterkenny GIF by Crave

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Adam Schefter
Chargers signed kicker Cameron Dicker to their active roster and placed Dustin Hopkins on injured-reserve.