Lions news of the day (so far) - Wed 16 Oct

  • Zenner signs with Saints

  • Lions 1 point underdogs to Vikes

  • Reiff, Ben Gedeon not practicing today for Vikes

  • Bryant could come back this week, but Lions say they don’t want to evaluate him on a short week

  • per Patricia, Hand is day-to-day. Guess that means he might play on Sunday or might not. They want to build up his strength with more practice reps.

  • Officiating for Lions-Vikings will be handled by Brad Rogers’ crew, who average almost 2 penalties per game over the NFL average

  • Matt Patricia: We’re trained to turn the page and get going and I definitely sensed that (from the team) today. Likes their mental toughness.

  • “We don’t make excuses.” I love that.

  • Not sure if they practiced today or not. BUT - on Wednesdays, teams that play on Sunday have to file a Practice Report, who would have practiced, fully, limited, or not at all even if a practice had not been conducted.

So, in less than an hour from now we oughta learn something about who got banged up or injured Monday night.


In other news, the refs and the NFL are suckass dirtbags


That is not news. True though, thanks.



No practice today (Wed), no pads on Thurs or Friday.


I would like zenner to retire just so I never have to hear about him again.

Great story, great dude I bet but sub par running back that everyone else loves for some reason.

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Tom Kennedy back with the team, probably on the PS. Haven’t heard officially though, he was seen in the locker room.