Lions not giving up on WR Trinity Benson

Randel El said Benson still is capable of cracking the playing group based on his performance in practice.

“We just got to get it to translate," Randel El said. “Certainly remain optimistic of what he’s doing and what you see him doing in practice. Again, we got to get it to the field, get it to the game.”

I’m praying that the Church of WR establishes himself.

Born just 2 years before this one hit the screens:


Back when The Wachowskis were brothers rather than sisters.

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Can’t crack the worst WR room in football.

Randle-Els comments?


Literally anything we get from Benson is a plus at this point. For me personally, I have already moved on from him being anything more then roster fodder.


I am still hopeful that Benson can turn out to be decent.
He is an explosive athlete.

He is still only 24 years old for another month, and came from a run heavy offense at a small school.

While preseason games don’t mean much in the big picture, he did show ability win against coverage by NFL CBs… so I can see why they brought him here.


a new devout coward?


So what’s his issue? Is he a practice time hero that cracks when the whistle blows?

Brandon Powell? Jace Billingsley? We have had our share of training camp darlings at WR, especially the slot guys. Golden Tate hyped up Powell like crazy

“He reminds me a lot of a younger me,” Tate said. “Just very, very shifty. I think he’s got some running back in him. I think he might have played running back in college, I think.

“I think the best thing about him, once he gets the ball in his hand, he’s kind of a like a running back,” Tate said. “He could be the YAC (yards after catch) king some day.”

So that begs to question why hasn’t it translated yet?