Lions passing game coordinator Tanner Engstrand offers a telling quote on the new philosophy in Detroit

Losing Williams was a huge blow. That took away the only deep threat we had last year.


That’s what I thought too. He had some solid success in SD. I figured that would translate here.


I know. I kinda want to automarically get him a juice box and call him champ.


I just want to point out that the media, lions brass and staff were saying the exact same things about Patricia.

Here is one such quote.

Patricia runs a much more flexible unit and the idea of “creating a defense that highlights the strengths of every player” shouldn’t sound novel, but he never forces a square peg into a round hole. He always will make the adjustments to put a player in position to succeed.

Sound familiar?

That last line made me think …. 3 down linemen and everyone dropping into coverage…. Arg!


Very true. Most coaches say the same thing. Basic coach speak. But it’s rare when a coach actually walks the walk with that philosophy. Have we finally landed a coaching staff that is looking for the best ways to win despite scheme and base it on personnel? It seems like we are trending in that direction with the midseason change on offense last year and the change in defense this year.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think Lynn was a scapegoat. He was the fall guy for Goff stinking it up. Goff did eventually play better, but I don’t think it was because Campbell was calling plays. IMO, Decker and Swift getting healthy mattered more than the play calling.


I disagree completely.

Lynn’s play design in the passing game was horrendous.
He didn’t utilize pre-snap motion, misdirection on play-action, rub routes, or any of the methods that most good offense use to scheme a WR open.
I also felt like the offense was more predictable with Lynn as the play-caller.


I agree he was the fall guy but not for Goff but for the entire team struggling.

Story I heard was there was a disagreement in philosophy. Dan wanted Lynn to be more conservative and Lynn wanted to attack more. But I was told Dan still wanted Lynn to stay in 2022 but Lynn wanted to move on. So they agreed to part ways.

Goff’s struggles were largely due to offensive philosophy, lack or weapons and injuries on the OL. His play improved when his surrounding cast improved.

See my above comment. If you recall when Dan first took over the offense became way more conservative. They were averaging less points and far less yards passing under Dan.

People want to say the lions offense improved based soley off the last 5 games when Dan finally opened the offense up and Goff finally had some weapons. Let’s look at the stats.

First 8 games: 206-of-308 (66.9%), 6.5 yards per attempt, 8 TD, 6 INT, 85.3 passer rating
Last 5 games: 105-of-156 (67.3%), 7.1 Y/A, 9 TD, 2 INT, 99.1 passer rating

That’s a slight improvement but Goff also had a healthy OL and more weapons.

But what about the first 4 games when Dan first took over? When Dan did what he wanted Lynn to do.

Those first 4 games were the worst 4 games our offense played all year. We averaged just 147 yards passing per game. And just 17 points average per game… Yikes.

Under Lynn however our offense had two games with over 400 yard total offense. Dan only had 1 game.

Lynn averaged just 292 yards offense per game.
But Dans offense average 286 yard per game.

People think our offense got better under Dan but the stats don’t support it. Truth is our defense played much better down the stretch not our offense.

Lynn had to deal with no WR’s and injuries to his two best OL. They were trying to implement a new offense and the odds kept stacking up against him. Dan and Lynn did not see eye to eye on the direction. So there was a bunch of turmoil too.

Honestly I think Lynn got a raw deal. I don’t believe his play calling was the problem. The stats just don’t support those beliefs.

Not to mention Lynn’s offenses have had success and I’ll betcha the 49ers offense improves under him. Especially the run game.


These are good points but I have a question. There was a 4 or 5 week stretch where Goff was at his worst and clearly injured. It seemed like he could throw the ball more than 5 yards physically. Was that right at this time? That mightve been part of what was going on during that stretch


Also in that 4 game lull was the monsoon bowl with Pittsburgh, right?

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Goff was also hurt… had that oblique strain and could barely rotate his core to throw the ball. It affected him for several weeks.


The stats I’ve seem for his last six games are 67.7% 11TD 2INT 101.8 RTG.

And that includes the Pittsburgh game where he couldn’t throw and had a 67.8 RTG


Tom Kennedy had a better passer rating with MCDC calling the plays as well…. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:




I seem to recall Dan saying that he was going to be conservative at first until he got his feet wet and was more comfortable calling plays.

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I just recall Dan being awesome. Those who doubt…you’ll see (if you already haven’t).
*I’m well aware there will be many fans bitching, even after he has us in the playoffs multiple seasons in a row, in SB, etc.

Wasnt lynn interviewed where he said he planned to take a yr off but could not pass up the opportunity to join this staff? He might have been burnt out and should have taken that year off afterall.


Yes, you Tanner you brought her immediately comes to mind.

It was take your trophy and your apology and shove it for me.

I liked but disagree with your strong take. We’re not a year late on anything.

Last year was year-1 in the rebuild of an historically bad, talent-depleted squad. Vegas had the Lions as the favorite to win in exactly ZERO games last year. Zero. So Lynn was producing at the predicted rate.

Campbell on the other-hand is the coaching equivalent of a playmaker. He made 3-2-1 out of chickenshit those last 6 weeks, with UDFA’s guarding Devante Adams and such.

I really don’t think he made some big egregious mistakes last year. Lynn couldn’t get the worst roster in the league to beat better teams. Who could? Dan could.

He’s such a flippin’ rockstar that folks have forgotten that we were fielding castoffs, rejects, 3rd stringers and dudes codenamed Netflix against NFL teams. So, he didn’t set us back at all. Not a beat. We went 3 games above our win-projection.

Now Vegas says we’ll win 6. We shall see…OnePride


Hell yeah!!