Lions picking corner in 2 nd mock

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No safeties off the board when the Lions pick is made too. Interesting.

I’d rather take the trade that the Patriots took that Mcreary. But idk much about him tbh. Just feel the CB room is full and we could use brisker, pitre, McBride, mafe, Perrin better

Under this scenario safety makes sense. Also like that there is another run on WR’s before GB picks :wink:

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I would make the trade with NE that is made 1 pick behind us and take 54 and 127. At 54 I take Leal. At 97 I take Tindall. At 127 I take Charlie Kolar. At 177 I take Tycen Anderson. At 181 I take Thayer Munford. At 217 I take Isaiah Weston.

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