Lions picking first in power ranking

Lions picking qb too

Interesting read. So, with the LAR picking 32, they’re the reigning SB champion. Yeah, just our luck…

I’m still trying to figure out how Fox Sports has all four NFC West teams making the playoffs.

No way in hell the Lions finish with the worst record, don’t these douchebags know we fired our incompetent head coach and GM? Lions will finish 2nd or 3rd in our division and have roughly 7 or 8 wins

I’m not willing to say we’ll finish higher than 4th in our division, but we’re not going to be the 2nd worst team in the league.

That said, without proper receiving corp we’re going to have a hard time sustaining drives. That can wear thin on the whole team.

Still, I just don’t see that level of failure with the new regime.

I think we will have a relatively positive season where we play competitive football but come up short more often than not in a lot of close games.

We definitely have more depth to the roster but we simply are lacking top end talent. 5 to 7 wins and another top 10 pick with some of our younger guys on defense finding their feet and both the offensive and defensive lines being above league average and ascending units would be a good foundation to build off.

Add a WR in FA and another in the first round of the draft along with a couple more pieces on defense would see us making a play off run in 2022.

I think we are better than the Bears, and if Erin leaves town then the Pack is doable IMO. The only team in our division I don’t think we can hang w/ is the Vikes

I’m careful not to undersell the “institutional knowledge” of Green Bay. Those players, every one, know the who’s, what’s, how’s and where’s of their job. They’re not adjusting to new systems or procedures. They’re not trying to find the next leader of the locker room. There isn’t a culture change being sought. Yes, Erin’s departure would be a relief, but I wouldn’t assume the Lions to be better than them this year, even with Love at the helm.

We should be neck and neck with Chicago. I definitely won’t argue for them the way I just did for GB. We could potentially place higher than them in the division. I just think our ceiling is 3rd.

Exactly. That’s all we can hope for. You don’t ignore wr till the 4th round if your worried about wins this year. Regime is playing the long game and building a TEAM. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we win more the 6 games.

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I said it a couple of times previously. I’d gladly settle for a similar enough season to what the Panthers had last year while starting a rebuild.

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I see 4-5 wins. Maybe, a Jim Schwartz special with a few wins strung together at the end of the season.

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I’m still thinking we will be ok at WR… not great but ok…

I am still wondering if - before the draft or as it played out in real time - did our leaders think The WR grouping was so strong that getting them at the IDFA level was a workable, short term plan…