Lions picking qb on second rd


Where you been brutha?!


Anyone who proposes that the Lions will draft a safety at #32 and then a QB at #34 should not have a job that features them publishing mock drafts.

I hope I don’t have explain this premise here.


Yep. Which is precisely why I think we might be able to get above chart offers for #32.


Ridder is the qb i like in this draft. Would be a smart move to sit behind goff

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Well explain away…
Jags are between our 32 and 34th pick and we damn well know they won’t be taking a QB but could very possibly take a safety (they need someone to play opposite pf Jenkins), so if the right safety is there why wouldn’t you take him at 32?

5th year option. That extra year before deciding if a QB is worth the big bucks can be vital.


True but I feel like hill might not last to that pick. We can do without rudder tbh

Trade ups?

Was here bro , parents was bit sick so was assisting them and lions are not spending any money , so I stayed quiet .Hope you are all doing good ,let’s hope progress for lions this year with good foundation with no fraud people running the business


Good to have you back man! I hope your parents are on the mend and doing well.

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#1 - As already mentioned… the 5 yr option.
If the Browns hadn’t got into the Instagram Massage Experience… Baker Mayfield at $18 million is less sucky than Baker at $29+ million.

$11 million seems like enough… and that gap may widen as the new contracts are signed…. but just having a guarantee of an extra year of team control is worth even more if the guy is actually good.

#2 - The Jags could trade down.

Assuming there would be a QB that the Lions like wnough to pick at #34… probably means that 1 other team (Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks) probably didn’t select 1 in the first round… and might be willing to move up to the #33 pick. They have all night to think about it too.

#3 - This is a deep safety class.

There might a guy they like the most at #32… which will very possibly be any safety not named Hamilton… but the drop off from that guy to the next safety is not significant.

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HOU needs a QB…HOU trades #37 & #108 (Top of the 4th Round) for DET #32…DET gains an additional high 2nd Rounder & gains the No.2 Pick in the 4th Round…Beforehand, DET didn’t have a 4th Round Pick. Good opportunity for another premium WR or TE, for example…I could see this trade happening, if the right QB falls to #32 in Houston’s eyes. Lions need players.

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I’m still saying they are sticking with Goff and not taking a QB in this draft at all. I have been wrong before not ashamed of confessing, and if I am wrong on my take here? I’ll happily admit that.

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If lions are going to draft a qbof the last pick in rd 1 is that perfect spot. The 5th yr option gives them time to sit that qb for a yr or 2 if needed. Plus the value of salary at that pick is awesome. Those around here who talk value of draft spot should love the idea of a qbof at 32.

I think if there is a project QB at 97 that’s when they will take one. Example Bailey Zappe anything sooner is a wasted pick.

Bailey Zappe at # 97 is a wasted pick.


I’m on the Sam Howell train.

I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. I listed Howell as one of the 5 picks I thought the Lions would make on the Day 2/3 thread.

I dont see them drafting a QB this year they are either drafting one next year,staying with Goff or trading for a good QB with Magic Beans before the 2023 season.