Lions project to draft QB Justin Fields

Mock projections have the Lions taking a QB at 8OA. Personally I think Fields will go higher than that.

So this begs the questions.

Will the Lions suck enough in 2020 to draft high enough to take Fields?

What’s the odds the Lions could draft a QB in round 1?

Big fan of his game, and would be perfect fit for life after Stafford.

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Big, strong kid with winning pedigree…I’ll take it. You could get a Kong’s ransome for Stafford.

This kid reminds me so much of Patrick Mahomes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB like Mahomey. If I’m the Lions and Justin Fields is there I waste absolutely no time drafting him


Fields could fall to around 8, especially in mocks, because the only team that really needs a QB over some other players that would be available is the Jags, and they’d get TLaw.

And I agree that the Lions should get a good return for Stafford if they were to trade him with his current contract structure. Who would do it though, the Raiders?

In Lions-esque fashion, Fields will go one selection before the Lions pick.


If we are in a position to draft Fields. We suck. Draft him. If he is not injured we will get a #1 maybe more for Stafford ( My favorite Lion ). Let Matt play with a contendor while we fix our roster.
I hope we are not in that position, that we compete now and Matt is able to bring it home for us.

If they have us picking at #8, I assume that’s after we traded down and picked up some extra picks?

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Lions pick 32 overall after season shuts down and they lose draft lottery. Lions finish with 3-5 record after 1-5 start. Quinn and Patricia stay due to “trending in the right direction” by stringing together a 2 game win streak.


That’s not even close to a rational thought.

Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

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Lol kill me if this goes down. It sounds too realistic.

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Totally, Lionized.

Sounds like the Wings draft

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I really doubt Fields would make it to 8. I know there is a ton of talk about Lance as the #2QB. I’m skeptical of that but even if that’s the case it’s hard for me to see anyone but Sewell and maybe Rousseau going higher than Fields. I’d think he’d go top five for sure. He’s just a tick below Lawrence in my mind. Lance may be as well. I’ve simply never watched him play a full game.

What if there’s no season and we pick #3 overall by default again?

My guess is the league would average out the last few years.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what they would do. With zero season teams would just pick where they were slotted when the season was called off aka the waiver wire order.

So KC would get the first pick? They wouldn’t do that right? Right? Or are they not first in the waiver wire? Does anyone know that order?

The waiver wire order is the same as the draft order until week 1 of the season. And by draft order, I’m talking about where each team should have picked, not where they ended up picking after trades, etc.