Lions prospects you KNEW were going to bomb

Give me one example of one you KNEW was going to bomb and he did.

And then one example of one you KNEW was going to bomb, but didn’t.

Not sure you can say he bombed, but recent memory has me HATING the Ebron pick. Hated it. And I won’t even go the Donald/OBJ route. I wanted Haha. So, it would’ve only been slightly better. But still, man I loathed that pick, and feel justified for my belief.
Kind of deep, but I never thought Cory Fuller would even make the team, much less have a few impactful catches. He sort of surprised me.
Also, Taylor Decker was despised by me. All the tackles in that class I would’ve passed on. So he’s been alright.

For me, I knew Joey was a bomb. I was preaching hard against him when we picked him. And he was.

Raiola, to me, was too small. I kept calling to replace him too. But 219 games later… I still kind of think we’d have been better off with a bigger and better center. That dude being there did not help the run game much, IMO. It forced us into that pass pro, dink dunk to small backs…

I hear you. I hated that pick, too. I thought he had a big mouth from the start, too, so it just poured salt in the wound.

I would say “bombed” just because he ended up not even being worth the 5th year option.

Yeah, but when I think Bombs, I think Mike Williams. Ebron was better then him.

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Yeah, I guess so. You’re free to use your own definition, of course. Mike Williams was pretty awful. I think I’d have punched Millen too for missing on Ware.

Jordan Dizon. He was never going to live up to a 2nd round pick. Undersized and marginally athletic overachievers are guys you take with your late round comp picks.

Joey the Duck is who I just knew wouldn’t make it… and didn’t.

The guy I thought wouldn’t make it, but did… D Slay.

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Slay, even in his 2nd year, was getting ripped pretty hard. I remember “toast” on many occasions.

Yeah, that first year and a half was brutal for Slay, but to his credit he put his nose to the grindstone, learned his craft, became a true professional, and has proven me wrong again, thankfully.

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Ugh… so many swings and misses at LB… add Teddy Lehman, Boss Bailey and Ernie Sims to go along with Dizon.

Ernie Sims had the buff, muscular build you want to see in a guy who rocks people.

I tried my best convincing myself that he was the perfect Tampa 2 guy for Moronelli, but I just couldn’t.

Alternatively, it felt like I was the only one not on board the Luke Staley/Davey Kircus Circus Hype Train.

The minute we took QB Drew Stanton in the 2nd round I knew we just wasted a pick. The same with Ryan Broyles, although I didn’t think Broyles career would be quite as bad as it was.

On the flip side is Darius Slay. I was shocked at the pick and like a lot of fans I was dumbfounded as to why we’d take Slay over the bigger names like Johnthan Banks and David Amerson.

Eric Ebron. The knock on him coming out of college was that he choked in the clutch.
Nothing changed until he got to Indy. We’ll see if it was a fluke.

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It still hasn’t changed – he didn’t improve in Indy, he just got more targets.

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Undie Ware had bust written all over him, saw it from day one. You knew the trains would crash, but you watched anyway.

Good call on Raiola.

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MUh…DeMarcus Ware, Andre Johnson, uh Robert Quinn, okay that was guys I knew we were going to draft and they would be stars. This could be a giant list with three for just the Ebron pick alone.
Now, don’t take this wrong.

Knew they would bomb:
Best RB. Known medical red flag and he equals bust. I knew he was a risk, but the guy getting paid didn’t.

Andre Ware, the guy your OC told you, couldn’t hit the ocean standing on the beach.

Ebron TE. Might be the worst ever.

Joe Harrington over Westbrook was it, whoever was the CB I wanted.

Mike Williams, Aaron Gibson, a bunch of second round picks from Titus Young, to Broyles, to Ikaika Alama Francis, …you could fill a volume.

Thought he would bomb:
Gosder Cherilous was a guy who was somewhat serviceable but I thought he was a bust coming out.

Really, this could really rip off scabs for a lot of fans.

You could throw Ledbetter in your list from even more recent picks. It’s not your thing to incessantly rail against a pick you didn’t like, but you were pretty clear in having no expectation for him to succeed.

I honestly can’t think of anyone I KNEW was going to bomb… not until after I’ve seen a little bit of them. Aaron Brown and Derrick Williams in 2009 left much to be desired, but I didn’t see them as bombs at the time of the draft. I do remember Mayock having a dislike of Williams when he was picked, contrasted by his love of what Belichick did a pick or 2 later. But, again, it wasn’t a conviction that I had at draft time.

The only player that I was sure would bomb wasn’t taken by the Lions. Ruben Foster scared me to death because he’s already punch-drunk. I was on a job-site in Cincy with some Ohio guys… Mike and Mike was on the radio… they announced that Foster was going to be on-air with them and I went into a impersonation of him, even throwing in a “uh, what was the question”… and sure enough, during the interview, they lost him.

Ruben Foster:


Oh! Oh!
Chuck Long!

Chuck Long got screwed by Darryl Rogers. 31 teams in the NFL had a QB coach, only 1 did not. Any guesses on which team? Anyway, “Long holds the best completion percentage of any college quarterback all-time who has attempted more than 1,000 career passes. He was also the first Big Ten player and just the second player in college football history to throw for more than 10,000 yards in a career”. What was it about him that made you think he couldn’t play?