Lions QB Jared Goff: 'I feel like I am playing the best football of my career right now'


You just have to listen to the last locker room speech from Dan: “We have our QB now!”.


Jared has played well he is coming into his own and playing with confidence as you can hear from him. This isn’t the guy that came here. Coaching staff has really helped build his confidence and it’s showing up on Sundays


Spot on, mousy.


you are playing your best ball Goff.

I mentioned in a different thread, that as someone that has watched ~11 years of him playing, I’d say this is his best ball because of all the little things he is doing effortlessly that a veteran does. I also think he is adapting better than in years past to having guys out and shuffled both on the line and at WR.

The deep ball still hasn’t really been there like in college and 17’,18’ with the rams but no Chark and Jamo has to be a big reason.

An underappreciated part of his game is that he will take what the defense is giving him. DC knew that the Jags had a good DL, especially against the run and he told the team before the game they needed skill guys to have a big game. They put the ball in Goff’s hands to throw 40 times and he was good with it. It was the same thing every time the Rams played the Bucs and he was successful.

Goff prefers to throw it every time but he knows how important a run game is and will selflessly run whatever makes sense to win.

I still think the Chark throw on 3 and 1 was a little too cutesy, especially at that point in the game, but it was a prepared play to catch the bills off guard and it would have been brilliant just about any other point in the game.


4 man scrambles are the best.

Get two guys that can hit straight and safe, they go off first…and 2 guys that just wind up and swing 110% max effort. I am not in the former category

Figure out who is best at reading greens and have them putt first always.

Understand your beer range…that # of beers on the course where your swing is free and easy, but not loose or sloppy. Drink enough to stay in that range through 18. Then hit the accelerator in the clubhouse.

Cheat a little…not a lot…because everyone else is.

Turn in your scorecard last. Dont give the excess cheaters a target.

I’ve won a lot of scrambles this way.


We all agree with you Jared


Amazing what a supporting cast can do for a QB right! The key to this offense has been the rushing attack, the O-line has done a great job of opening up holes. Goff is real good with play action, has been his whole career. The rushing attack sets the tone and opens everything else up. And now that we have healthy weapons to throw to, look out!


I’ve noticed lately too he has been moving better in the pocket and looking off coverage. Everything seems to be clicking


Yeah that’s what I mean Jared like Dan Jared is getting better and taking his game to the next level. He’s progressed in a lot of ways and I believe he can still get better and will see him continue to get better, he’s not old and his new found confidence has really helped him in taking that next step.


If jared can truly be the guy it does a lot for the future of this franchise. I am not betting that he will maintain that status but certainly am rooting for it despite the fact i wish we had a guy that was at least moderately mobile


Hurt my shoulder and my drive never recovered but I could hit safe in the 220 to 240 range. Then the “grip it and rip it” boys took over.


I too am in the “I guess 230 and straight is better than 240 straight then 40 to the right” club at this point.

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Does Brunell get some credit?


Have you ever played in a Hot Ball tourney. Those are a blast and will make enemies of best friends real fast.

I played with a screaming hangover at Sandals Jamaica…that count? Still eagled a hole after hitting the putt into an unseeable break that the Required Caddy said- “Yah Mon, You Hit De Ball Right Here…Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow”…So I did, it took a hard right at Albuquerque and dropped right in the hole.

He got a big tip.

much more ballsy, and smarter too!


Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office

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