Lions QB Jared Goff shrugs off boos, three INTs to lead comeback win over Bears

TheAthletic comments on Lions win:

Pompei: It was one of those games for the Lions when just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong, yet they still found a way to win. That’s the type of performance that should build the Lions’ confidence, not erode it. Goff and the offense stepped up when necessary, and the defense also came through with a strip-sack/safety from Aidan Hutchinson. And ball security shouldn’t be an issue for Goff moving forward. As Ted said, two of his interceptions were a little fluky. Goff is having a Pro Bowl-caliber season.

Jones: Despite his three interceptions, Goff’s poise and confidence was most impressive. Remember when Sean McVay had such little trust in the then-Rams quarterback that he micromanaged to the point of overloading him with last-second instructions on the helmet mic just before every snap? Goff has grown tremendously since those days and was as cool, calm and collected as could be. He never flinched, kept executing and marched his team downfield to score that game-winning touchdown with the same expression and pace as if he were directing a drive in a scoreless game. I never doubted Goff and the Lions’ ability to deliver that game-winning drive.

Nguyen: Goff had some unlucky interceptions with a tipped pass at the line and one on which illegal contact probably should have been called. But he also got lucky when Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson dropped what looked like a sure pick six on the goal line. Goff hasn’t put the ball in harm’s way a lot this season, so I don’t think we’ll see many games like this. I was impressed with Justin Fields and his big-play ability, but ultimately, Goff collecting himself and leading the Lions to two late scores to win it all was the most impressive part of this game. In the past, he might have spiraled, but he showed some real mental toughness.

“Expectations are higher for this team.”
I’d like to point out that Goff is the guy who established those expectations! We expect better, because he has been much better in damn near every game he’s played.
He expects better.
“An ugly win is better than an ugly loss.”

Me, I’m enjoying the fact that this team is now so good that we not only expect to win, but, we expect pretty wins.


Just looked up that '62 team on PFR. I know some of you are, like me, older than dirt, but did you know Don Shula was the Defensive Coordinator ?!

Crazy good unit, too; held several teams to fewer than 50 yards passing. Even in the early 60s, that had to be something.

Handed GB their only loss in a Champ year in that T-Day game. And yet somehow managed to lose the season ender to CHI by the score 0-3. What a barn burner that must have been…

The type of people who Booed are same type who expect every play during games here to be perfect an then start to bitch an moan …Want to know who they are look at game chat yesterday

No, I’m pointing out how dog shit he played… When you suck, you get hate… When you’re great, you get praise… He’s had plenty of the latter, good for him and us. But he’s not Jesus and the crowd can let him know he needs to be better.

Goff admitted he played like crap for over 3qtrs.

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I don’t know, I find it weird that there’s this idea that you don’t enjoy or that it’s impossible to enjoy anything Lions related if you have less than an optimistic view on anything Lions.

I hated this team for all but 4 minutes yesterday. It didn’t effect how much I enjoyed the victory at all. The roller coaster of emotions is part of what makes it so enjoyable. I can’t imagine only having one ‘setting’ during a Lions game and I think it’s strange to ask other people to. If you can do that, go for it - but realize it’s probably not how most people are going to experience the game.

And I’m pretty sure the boos were almost entirely due to play-calling yesterday. Fans really did not like that first run.

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Fans is short for fanatics and it shows in game threads.

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Are the ones that spend the majority of the game at the beer booth.

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Fans can boo if they want, it’s their right.
That said, do you actually think he isn’t quite aware that he’s playing badly and needs be and WANTS to be better? You think the fans booing will actually help him be better?
If the team was 2-8, then I totally get it but at 7-2 and now 8-2 and with Goff playing as well as he has, booing makes no sense to me.
I was cussing up a storm and wondering why he was so off, too but I wouldn’t have booed him.

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So you want to complain behind his back but not to his face? Let him know, even if he already knows.

I get your point about casual fans, but why does beer need to be catching these strays?


Boos? I had no idea Goff was seeing ghosts out there. Explains a lot. Haley Joel Osment’s quarterbacking career was never the same after seeing dead people.

Insanely underrated comment.


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The “great responsibility” in this situation is take that damn straw out or someone is not only driving you home but carrying you upstairs, undressing you and putting you to bed :joy: :beers:

I hate drinking at football games. And do like my libations. It’s just that at a game I want to concentrate. It’s just so different than when I’m watching on TV. When I’ve done the college tailgate thing full tilt I’ve found myself rather lost as to what’s going on. :man_shrugging:

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Been there when I’ve pre-gamed before heading to the game (Lions) and then proceeding to spend way too much on $8 beers during the game. By the middle of the 3rd quarter, you could probably say “we’re leaving” and I wouldn’t care.

College tailgates are hard, man. I can walk home from Autzen. I usually have multiple stops to make. We’re “older” to where most everyone has high end booze and food. Reefer is legal. It’s really, really hard to get into that stadium in working order. I’m usually just proud of myself for not going full Ken Kesey prior to getting to the gate.

Yeah for the Michigan night game earlier this year (forget the opponent), a co-worker was sending me pictures of his tailgate at 11 am… No thank you, I’m not 23.

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