Lions radio post game show

They just said the same thing: Lions appeared disinterested today. When you’re at the midpoint of the season, with the division still in play, and don’t seem to care from the start, that’s REALLY bad news. Like, beyond just a bad season bad news.

When I saw them against Seattle in person, I got that same vibe.

Add this up with trade of Tate, D Shawn Hand going after a teammate and this is as much a locker room issue as it is an on field issue.


I thought it was Robinson who went after a teammate?

But yeah, I look forward to Valenti tomorrow.


It was Robinson, but, it really doesn’t matter.
This team wants to go home.

The one thing I will say?

Stafford and his “just gotta get back to work at practice” routine is getting really, really old.

It’s the same old thing from him, every week.

Show some human emotion once in a while.


Problem is these guys liked Caldwell and liked playing for him. They are under contract but stuck with whoever the powers to be bring in to coach them. They can’t say on camera (we hate playing for this guy) so they say on to next week. Because at this point that is all they have. I am concerned we are going to start losing quality players.

losing quality players isn’t new. Unless they are paid a fortune…and even then they sometimes retire and expect to keep their entire bonus

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Im willing to start losing those “quality” players. Ive been watching their football for years, and this team of mental midgets is far from anything quality

I really do believe that Caldwell is missed. The team did fight hard for him.

However what quality players are you afraid of losing? The only good players we have are on long term contracts or are rookie’s. I honestly feel like there’s no one on this team that would be a huge loss.

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I think we have a good core of players to build around. No we don’t have a superstar. But one of the reasons our secondary was so good last year is because they had been together a few years. They had chemistry. Quinn and Slay both talked about it. Of course that chemistry is gone under the new scheme. But turning over players because they want to leave and organization is never a good thing. Hopefully I am wrong and they love MP and just need more time. I am just not feeling that.

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