Lions RB Greg Bell helped off field after suffering injury

That sucks, sounds serious. I don’t think he had any chance to make the 53 man roster, put him on injured reserve.

If we had to get a RB hurt in camp, well, I consider it fortunate it is that dude. Not for him.

Lets move on to our obligatory DB camp injury and get through it.


Did anyone steal his luggage?


Oh Tatum!!


Ahhhh memories. When Rudi Johnson was a threat to take your job.


From naked Wendy’s drive thru adventures to stealing your teammates suitcases, breaking arms saving pizzas, and going 0-16, only the Lions.


Boys, I’ve been down south here for a couple weeks now and have been eating at Rudy’s BBQ a few times. I can’t say “Rudy’s” or “Rudy’s Beans” without instantly thinking about “them Rudy bags”.

So funny to see it come up here again.

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Really, REALLY can’t believe we didn’t chase this guy…

Undrafted, now a Packer.

Try the creamed corn it’s good

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Will-do! I really, really like their beans. Asked my bros how the tater salad was and evidently there’s not much egg (I have no use for egg-less potato salad). I’ll give that creamed corn a try next week along with maybe some pork loin. (I’ve had only brisket and jalapeno sausage so far.)

Did he get his bell rung?

Yeah, about the same stats as Bell and if Brad followed his RAS trend, Goodson makes more sense.

Bell wasn’t in the Big 10 and his RAS sucked. I HOPE they snag Tyler off the GB PS.

Maybe we did and Goodson wasn’t interested in coming here with Swift, Jamal W, Craig Reynolds, and 7th Rd pick Jermar Jefferson already in place.

After Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, the Packers had/have Kylin Hill & Patrick Taylor.

I suspect Goodson’s agent took a look at the depth charts, playing time the 3d & 4th string guys received, and determined GB was a better opportunity.

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Kylin Hill is pretty talented. Doubt he would’ve fallen to the 7th had he not quit on his team.

Love had more rushing attempts than Hill last year.

… and?

Lol, and what? You want to hype a RB who never plays, go ahead.

Hype? I just said that he’s a pretty talented kid.