Lions re-sign QB Tim Boyle

1 year, $1.75 million guaranteed.

Close to what we signed him for last year. If they like him as a back-up it is a very reasonable deal. I believe this closes the door on anyone that was hoping for a Marcus Mariotta type signing.

Oh come on! He sucks!! Aren’t we supoosed to be winning now?

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He’s going to have to hand up that number…

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Coaching staff loves him. Good leadership in the locker room.

Like almost any team, if the starting QB goes down, the season is lost.


Well Goff won’t be looking over his shoulder that’s forsure


I disagree. When they are playing catch and Boyle sails one over his head, he will need to look over his shoulder to find it.


Theme song for this re-signing:

It’s $750K less than last year, which suggests the complete absence of any competitive market for Boyle’s services. And, yet another year without a true backup QB capable of winning a few games ala Shaun Hill.


Never good when you think Boyle is gone … and out of nowhere Boyle returns.

Never good.



My only hope is that better receivers will lead to a better outcome with him. That doesn’t seem likely, though, because homie can’t hit the barn side of a broad.

O’Boyle rules?

Soooooo close.

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He must have some really compromising pictures…

OK, fine. Now draft Cole Kelley in the 7th.


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Very uninspiring

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Was hoping for more, guessing they’re looking at drafting a QB to add to the rotation…hopefully not in round 7.

Billy Madison memes remain intact

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Contract details 1yr/$2M, $750K signing bonus, $1.25M base salary ($1M guaranteed), might as well have guaranteed everything, he isn’t getting cut.

The ATL game is all you need to know about Boyle