Lions receivers leading the league in drop rate

The rookies Swift and Cephus lead the team in dropped passes. Not to mention dropped passes have cost us a game already. But as a whole the Lions WR lead the league in drop rates.

But you know good QBs from winning organizations over come drop passes.


what a shocker…sure it’s Stafford’s fault. :roll_eyes:

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It’s surprising to me since there has been a very concerted effort to get away from the butter fingers of past futility. Guys like Jones, Golladay, Hockenson and Amendola were all known as sure handed guys. Cephus as well. I think it’s more of a perfect storm more than something that will be ongoing with this crew. Small sample size and the rookies heads are swimming a bit. I think we’ll be fine with this particular NFL worst issue. Defense… not so much.

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"A lot of blame can be placed upon none other than Stafford up to this point.

There have been uncharacteristic off-target passes, turnover-worthy throws and poor pocket presence shown by the usually reliable signal-caller. "

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Things probably wouldn’t look as bad if Golladay wasn’t injured to start the season. Forcing Cephus into a starting role might have been a little much. I don’t know what to say about Swift. Like the author, we’re expecting a sure-handed receiver in Swift and not finding it. (I think this is where someone pipes up that Stafford doesn’t throw a catchable ball)

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But this matrix for drop rate takes those out of the equation. I was pretty sure two posters would zero in on that comment. One has so far and I’m waiting for the other one …lol


I’m expecting that to come too…lol

I honestly can’t blame a rookie for having a higher than average drop rate to start the season. Especially in a Covid year. But I expect to see improvement from there too.

Yeah, kind of makes you wonder at this point, huh?!?!
How can the Lions constantly be at the top of the dropped passes stat, year in and year out?
Maybe it is partially Stafford’s fault. Not to say that the pass to Swift was all that hard to catch but at some point you have to look at every variable…and Stafford is one of them.

Ummm they’re not. They have been in a few years. In Stafford early years they were near the top for several seasons. Then when we got Tate and MJ we dropped down that list significantly. I don’t recall is being back near the top until this year.

dropped passes means the ball reached their targets yet were dropped.

This can be 1 of 2 things.

  1. Either Golladay, Hockenson & company are shit
  2. Matt Stafford is shit

Is this the same Galladay talking about a massive contract?

Fuck lion’s, till the Ford’s care. I don’t care what we lead in. Stafford could be on his A game, but we have such a wonderful Defense, so it doesn’t matter.

I just watched where they threw out the fact Lamar Jackson has the worst pass completions per the last three games im the NFL! Like 58% … but because they are 4-1 it’s ok

Because we have a QB that get the ball to the Rec., and they drop it, Matt sucks…

Crazy world of perspective


Or maybe it’s your perspective

and theres # 2 Air , is this place predictable or what.


Here’s the Lions newest WR.

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Here she is all grown up.



This one does kinda look like swift with blonde hair.

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I could watch that all day…

And I will give that some more thought.


You don’t think quarterbacks can be a factor in dropped passes?