Lions release Gonzalez and Bullock

And with that, there are zero kickers on the Detroit depth chart. Head coach Dan Campbell was apparently less than impressed with the veteran kickers during training camp and the preseason. Neither Bullock nor Gonzalez had disastrous preseason outings: The former made three of three field goal tries and Gonzalez drilled his only attempt. The Lions will presumably sign a kicker in the coming days – perhaps the recently-released Mike Badgley. Via Shefter and rotoworld

We’re going TDs and 2pt conversions only, baby! Bite them kneecaps!


Well played lol

How to beat writers not understand this is a strategic move allowing them to keep an extra DT and then open up a spot for a kicker in a couple of days?


Going for two every effing time.


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It’s gotta be Badgely, doesn’t it?

He was amazing as a rookie (I had him in fantasy so I was following him more closely), then got hurt and missed most of his second year. He came back and played the full season in 2020, but didn’t seem quite as elite. Regardless, an upgrade from what was here.

If this is the signing, everyone should feel better about this.

Word is Fox has been ripping 70 yard field goals in practice. #legatronfor3


It’s replicating a strategy recently utilized by the New England Patriots, which allows a team to squeeze an extra player on the initial roster, prior to opening a roster spot by moving one or more players to injured reserve.

Pulled from an article I just read

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This is not far fetched at all with his leg.

Yea, the issue is Boyle is going on IR, but he has to make the 53 man roster first. Tomorrow Boyle goes to IR and then a new kicker is signed or Bullock is signed back.

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It allows them to put a QB who is hurt on IR but can come back after 3 games same with I expect Hand to be on IR.

That creates two spots one for a kicker an one likely a TE then maybe few more cuts an replaced by a claim.

Plus you can have 16 on PS an 6 can be like Vets

I prefer trucks and jeeps!!

I rented a Vette on Turo over the weekend because we were celebrating and my wife has never been in one. By the end of the weekend she was convinced we need to buy one, particularly since we live at the bench. Mission accomplished!

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If he can kick one longer then 40 yards he’s a up grade.

Well played sir !!!

Badgely, Folk, Slye, and Verity could all be outside candidates.

I mentioned in another thread that Verity would be a good get if he can be consistent since Lions would have him under team control for 4 years at a cheap salary.

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