Lions release QB Josh Johnson 9/17

Pretty surprising, or they really like what they see in Blough!

Or is this the first step to signing Ramsey…Doubt it

Did not see this coming. They must really like Blough, plus they must be feeling good about Stafford’s chances of lasting through the season after the OL did such a good job against the Chargers. My guess is, we’re going to see more of the OTs getting help from TEs or the FB or somebody to keep Stafford clean.

It does open up a spot on the 53 though, I’d be surprised of it’s Ramsey but you never know …

Clearly they feel Blough has now had enough practice time and has gotten familiar with the play book.

My guess is Powell, Taco or Ramsey to replace Johnson… Okay, 2 of those might be unlikely.

Maybe ZZ if KJ is going to miss time?

Well, if it’s Powell then what are they keeping Agnew around for? He doesn’t offer much on defense, didn’t play a single snap on D against the Chargers. So if he isn’t the PR then aren’t they wasting a roster spot?

Not Ramsey. We are not desperate enough to give up two first round picks, which, after the Tunsil trade, is what it will take.
$16m and two round picks? Hell no!

I have been looking for an update on KJ. Is he injured?

I would go after Trent Williams before Ramsey


True… Clearly Agnew isn’t going to be in the offense either unless they’re saving that for later? Benched from returns… Why is he still here?

DB depth only? Does he have much ST value as far as tackling?

Forgot about Williams.

Considering how many players they have shuffled in the last two weeks nothing surprises me anymore.

According to article on the link provided in the Twitter post, the article title now reads that the lions are signing quarterback Jeff driskel as the corresponding move to releasing Josh Johnson.

The Lions are signing QB Jeff Driskel in a corresponding move to Johnson’s release.

Well that’s anti-climactic

Seems kinda of crazy to be still tinkering around with the back up QB position in mid season. Didn’t Quinn have like 8 months to handle this one very important spot? Instead, he’s playing revolving door/Russian roulette with this during the season. This isn’t the 3rd string long snapper we’re talking about. There are a bunch of teams already on their 2nd or 3rd string QB and we’re still swapping random nobodies around like it’s barter days at the local flea market.

I think they got rid of Johnson because he’s 33
Driskel is 26 and did a decent job for the Bengals last year
Released from Bengals IR this year (I guess)
So, Lions figure the combo of Blough and Driskel better in long run
I have no problem with Quinn making moves at backup position

Having Savage go down wasn’t in the plan. The backup’s backup is what’s being tinkered with.

This is about the backup position, not the developmental QB position. They simply want to upgrade that position if they can.

Having Savage at all should never be part of any plan. Dude is hot garbage juice.

It’s kinda weird, who is your #2 QB and who is your #3? Blough is an inexperienced UDFA, this is the guy you want coming in if Stafford is injured? Or Driskel, at least he’s played QB in the NFL. Not exactly brilliant, but he’s done it. I can’t see carrying both of these guys on the 53, one of 'em is going to get cut IMHO. If it’s Blough and he goes unclaimed, he might end up on our PS. Not sure if Driskel has any PS eligibility.

No…they needed to in order to get Eli