Lions Release Zach Zenner

Really surprising! They Must love Ty Johnson and/or plan to keep both FBs?

I would have thought he’d have trade value?

Damn, liked ZZ. But if it came down to Ty or him, agree on the choice.


It’s officially official, I don’t know anything when it comes to player evaluation… looks like Thompson’s in the mix?

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Zenner was the Brandon Inge/Dan Cleary of the Lions.


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Zenner was the wrong color. Fight me.

Only half kidding. Guy did everything well. Run, block, catch, special teams. He did everything. Seems like the perfect #4 and a fit for the Patriots type system.

Have to wonder why they cut him. Do they really like Thompson?

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Zenner was always a bubble guy, unless we were thinking he’d become the Lions’ version of Kevin Faulk. He contributes in a lot of ways but doesn’t really stand out compared to the other backs. A good #4 back still doesn’t have much job security.

I wish him all the best. He’s a smart dude, and I know he wants to go to medical school. He’ll land on his feet if his playing days are over.

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Unbelievable! Just, whatever.

Cue the “well we are so deep that we are cutting great players!” sentiment.

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I think it speaks to the FB group, and what they see in them. I’m wondering if they could have gotten a late round pick for him.

I also think we’ve been hiding Ty Johnson in preseason. That dude will get some touches, and I think he’ll earn more playing time. CJ had better bust his ass, because Ty might steal a lot of his reps.

Bawden has been lauded since his arrival, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Others seem to think ZZ should’ve been the FB.

I can’t wrap my head around some of those lines of thinking, I really can’t.

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I always felt like it was a given that Bawden would be on the roster too. The coaches even discuss how they’re going to use a FB. I honestly thought they’d keep ZZ too, especially because of ST play. Does Thompson make it? Keep all 4 TEs? Extra WR?

Will be some interesting decisions.

I think they’re going to roll with KeJo, CJA, TyJo, and Bawden as their RBs. They might go with an extra OL and/or LB until they get Ragnow and Jarrad Davis back for sure, and then possibly bring Zenner back after they cut the extra OL or LB guy. Maybe, WTH do I know, I thought Zenner was gonna make the team. I do not think Thompson makes it either, I think he’s headed for the PS.

Maybe Bawden and Nauta both make the opening day roster now?

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What has Natua done to justify a roster spot though? I’d go with the idea we are going heavy at LB and OL due to injuries. Only thing that makes sense to me.

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If we keep Nauta over ZZ someone needs to piss test Matty Patty

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Scheme value over performance value? Not sure…


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When did the myth start that Zenner was “good” at special teams? I swear it’s taken on a life of it’s own at this point.

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The head coach? Can’t imagine he woulda lasted this long in the NFL if he wasn’t a good ST player.