Lions Resign CJ Moore

I mostly agree, that’s why I brought up Houston. They did expand his role late in the season, he wasn’t just playing on the edge any more.

Also how dare you reply to me without a McFly gif… you are slippin brother.

Hes only a 3rd down player, right.

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Good did not want to lose him brings a ton of value to special teams especially after losing board very happy boys our lions are figuring it out continuity is a good thing


The extra LBs are Special Teams players. Sometimes they are extra WR or DB

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Not vs the Bears or the Packers to end the season… He played over 30 snaps in both games. Roughly 55% of the snaps in those 2 games.

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Solid. Glad to have CJ back. The dude has become quite the weapon on the punt team.

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When you lose board on ST and elliot SS
Resigning CJ Moore is a must


Elliott didn’t score a TD.:astonished:

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Eliott was supposed to take over as the QB of the secondary after Walker went down. If that was the case, he was part of the problem.

People don’t value Special Teams until there’s a monumental screw up, so resigning Moore to keep continuity in coverage is a good thing. :+1:


This makes perfect sense. I think something people (myself included) sometimes aren’t realizing that due to the history of the NFL, we are not programmed to believe a word of what anyone is saying especially this time of year.

Lions are being full go transparent.

“We’re going evaluate the roster and keep some guys we like (originally). We’re going to draft some guys we like, we’re going to sign some guys we like, and then we’re going to do everything we can to keep those guys.”

They’ve done exactly that for 2.5 years. No shocks, no surprises. “Hey here’s what we’re doing”… and then they do it.

Honestly it’s refreshing and therefore I have no issue with this move. Brad is just doing exactly what he said he was going to do since he got here…


I think CJ is more of a4th down specialist.

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